Ricky Gervais on Inside the Actors Studio

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Hey, you know Ricky Gervais, right? And that show Inside the Actors Studio on Bravo? You know that too, right? Well, like the first thing we mentioned is going to be on the second thing we mentioned. It’s true. It’s happening Jan. 19 at 7 pm EST. Ya know how we...

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Thursday stand-up video: Vince Morris

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Comedian Vince Morris can quit saying the n-word cold turkey. He needs to take baby steps. Check it...

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Kyle Cease to thank every ‘Stand-up Showdown’ voter in daily podcast

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Kyle Cease has upped the ante in the Comedy Central Stand-Up Showdown. Currently, if anyone sends Cease a message, comment, etc on either Myspace or Facebook to let him know that they voted for him in the Stand-Up Showdown, he will thank them by name on his daily podcast. Could...

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Will John Mayer take his stand-up to TV?

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You may know that John Mayer has been dabbling in stand-up comedy for the last few years. Having become best friends with comedian Sherrod Small (pictured here with Mayer) of Best Week Ever fame and hence welcomed to New York’s famed Comedy Cellar on occasion,...

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Kevin James blames stand-up comedy for his weight

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This is a new one: in a recent interview with the New York Post, comedian/actor Kevin James blames his weight problem on stand-up comedy. Well, not comedy per se, but the lifestyle that goes along with it. “I wasn’t always a big guy,” James said. “Stand-up...

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Christian Finnegan, Marc Maron raise bucks for pups

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Punchline Magazine’s comedian friend and occasional guest blogger Lord Carrett is producing another one of his ultra-excellent animal rescue fundraising shows. It’s going down at the Metropolitan Room in New York this Saturday, Jan. 17 at 9:30 pm. There’s a $25 cover,...

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Must see: Lewis Black’s TV spots for Aruba

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I’m not what you’d consider well-traveled. But I did go to Aruba on my honeymoon three years ago. Having gone to the Jersey Shore all my life for vacation, seeing blue water and white beaches for me was like a Southern Cali resident’s first snow. Now that...

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Chris Rock will pen new book

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Chris Rock will write an as-yet-untitled book full of  “comedic observations,” Grand Central Publishing announced today. It will be Rock’s second crack at publishing; he first released Rock This! — mostly a compilation of his stage bits — in 1997,...

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Comedy Central goes HD, time to rejoice er something

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Well it’s about time, Comedy Central! You know, the other day I was thinking. Some of my favorite stand-up specials are Comedy Central productions: Zach Galifianakis’ Comedy Central Presents, Demetri Martin’s hour-long special, Person, Greg Giraldo’s two...

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