Audio interview: Paul F. Tompkins

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I just interviewed Paul F. Tompkins for an upcoming episode of A Tight Five. Before that however, I introduced him to AudioBoo (who should be paying me for this exposure). AudioBoo allows you to record short audio podcasts on your iPhone. Check out a rather pleasant chat Paul...

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Tuesday stand-up video: Ben Gleib

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Ben Gleib shares a story with the audience about a touching moment involving himself and a homeless...

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State of the State: cult MTV series finally coming to DVD

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Off-beatniks, take note: MTV's Bill Clinton-era sketch show, The State, will finally see a much-awaited surfacing on DVD. Beginning on July 14, the French won't be the only ones with a revolution to celebrate. (Bastile Day, anyone?) The quirky, catch-phrase producing sketch...

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Andrew Dice Clay to publish book

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Andrew Dice Clay has revealed that he has finished writing a book about his life and is now shopping it to prospective interested publishers. In an interview posted today on the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Dice explains: I’ve written it already. Now it’s about...

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Congrats to Patton Oswalt for his new baby?

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This is almost as unconfirmed as it comes, but Steve Agee - who recently thanked over 7,000 people for following his Twitter account by name on video - congratulated Patton Oswalt via said Twitter page. Fans have been posting congratulations on both Patton’s Myspace and...

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Ron White: The Scotch-soaked legend of comedy

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Sold out theater shows, a national tour, a new CD, DVD and Comedy Central special. This is just another average year for comedian Ron White. You can easily envision Ron White kicking through a saloon door before he takes the stage, hear the spurs jangle as he saunters to the...

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Monday stand-up video: Doug Benson

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I would be remiss not to share this hilarious pot referencing bit from Doug Benson’s Super High Me considering today is 4/20 and...

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Steve Agee completes the Agee5k

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At 10: 58 pm EST today (7:58 pm his time) The Sarah Silverman Program’s Steve Agree fulfilled his promise to read every one of his Twitter followers. As of the time of this post, Agee had 7,725 followers. The self challenge started when Agee announced that if he were to...

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David Alan Grier makes ‘Dancing with the Stars’ watchable

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For those of you, like me, who missed the whole David Alan Grier telling one of the judges on Dancing with the Stars to “eat a dick” thing, I wanted to, at this late hour, lazily embed some super-entertaining videos. I was never a huge Grier fan, though I did rather...

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