Willie Barcena: A balancing act of comedy

By | April 15, 2009 at 11:17 am | One comment

Comedian Willie Barcena has seen his star rise and then fall many times. But with the premiere of his hour-long Comedy Central special May 2, this veteran comic's career trajectory is very clearly screaming upwards. Willie Barcena has had a varied professional career. He’s...

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Wednesday stand-up video: Dave Waite

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Dave Waite explains where Wendy’s went wrong to a nice sounding crowd at the Skyline Comedy...

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Steve Agee promises to thank 5,000 people on video blog

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Steve Agee is on a mission to reach 5,000 Twitter followers by Friday. While a comedian trying to gain more followers on a social networking site may not be news, promising to thank all of them in a video blog  is. Earlier this year, Kyle Cease made a similar promise to his...

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Tuesday stand-up video: Marianne Sierk

By | April 14, 2009 at 10:47 am | One comment

Marianne Sierk wishes guys hit on her at the supermarket the same way they did in a...

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Kathy Griffin debuts Bravo comedy special, hosts A-List Awards

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Kathy Griffin, comedy's reining queen of the D-List, moves up a few letter grades to host the A-List Awards on Bravo this Wednesday at 10/9c. The princess of all things anatomically plastic will also star in her sixth comedy special, She'll Cut a B*tch, airing Wednesday at...

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Bill Burr blogging for NHL.com

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Two years ago, Bill Burr proved to a mostly-Philadelphia crowd that he knew a few things about sports, namely how horrible the City of Brotherly Love’s athletic history is. Now, he’s taken his sports knowledge — and his love of the place where he honed his stand-up...

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Chelsea Handler gets naked!

By | April 13, 2009 at 12:07 pm | One comment

Stand-up comedian and late night talk show host Chelsea Handler recently posed all nude and stuff for Allure. But you probably figured that out by the giant nude photo of Handler with the Allure watermark above these words. The issue also features nude shots of Padma Lakshmi,...

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Tommy Tiernan sets new Guinness World Record: 36 hours of stand-up

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Tommy Tiernan is now the Guinness world record holder for non-stop solo stand up comedy clocking in at 36 hours and 15 minutes. Starting at Nuns Island Galway, Tiernan performed 1 hour shows followed by 5 minute breaks to a new audience each hour. Although Tiernan was advised...

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From the archives: Jamie Kennedy fights back: critics be warned

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This interview was originally published on PunchlineMagazine.com in September, 2008. There's a long list of professional Jamie Kennedy haters; no one knows this more than the comedian himself. But now, Kennedy has a voice to strike back in the form of his to-be- released...

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