Four-year-old Sarah Silverman show gets Web distro

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The Internet is totally awesome for many reasons, right? You want a recipe for braised lamb? Google it. You want to know how to field dress a lamb? Google it, but beware of the photos you might see. You want to see a show starring Sarah Silverman, Sam Seder, David Cross and...

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Chelsea Handler chat show lives on through 2012

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The E! network has just signed a contract to extend comedian Chelsea Handler’s late night show through 2012. The show, Chelsea Lately, brings in more female viewers between the ages of 18 and 34 than rivals Jimmy Kimmel, Craig Ferguson and Carson Daly. Handler has also...

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George Lopez to host late night talk show

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Massively popular stand-up comedian and sitcom star George Lopez will host his own late-night talk show on cable channel TBS. The as-of-yet-untitled show will air Monday through Thursday at 11 pm and is set to premiere in November. “George Lopez is a special talent, with an...

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Tuesday stand-up video: Tom Papa

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Most people think airline tickets are too expensive. Comedian Tom Papa says they’re not expensive enough. Check it...

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Stephen Lynch: Comedy's music master

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After breaking from his warped sense of musical humor to perform on Broadway, comedian Stephen Lynch is thankfully back with a new album and ready to corrupt our minds again. It's been nearly four years since Stephen Lynch released a collection of his fucked-in-the-head...

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With heart surgery done, Robin Williams will resume touring

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Reps for Robin Williams today said that the 57-year-old comedian is recovering nicely from his recent heart surgery, which he had done March 13 at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio. Earlier this month, Williams had to cancel several dates on his current Weapons of Self-Destruction...

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Review: “Charlie Murphy’s Crash Comedy” on

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So this weekend I watched the premiere of Charlie Murphy’s newest project, Charlie Murphy’s Crash Comedy on The site will debut new sketch-comedy webisodes straight from the mind of Charlie Murphy every Friday. Now with all the necessary plugs and promos out of...

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Comedian Nick Thune is starring in a brand new web series presented by called Nick’s Big Show.  According to Thune, the series “will push the limits of the world wide web.” The opening of the first episode explains that the show follows Nick after...

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Jeff Dunham scores big with new Comedy Central deal

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Comedian/Ventriloquist, Jeff Dunham has reached a new level of success with Comedy Central’s latest packaged deal. This latest deal includes a series order, another standup special, a DVD release and merchandising. The new six episode series starring Dunham and his puppets...

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