Monday stand-up video: Dave Waite

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Comedian Dave Waite talks about jeans… in a funny manner. Check it...

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Dan Naturman: Get Off My Property

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If Dan Naturman weren’t a successful comic, he’d be the kind of persuasive salesman who could sell oil to sheikhs, clothes to nudists and a(nother) breast enlargement to Pamela Anderson. He’s that professional, that likable, that personable onstage. Although he sounds like...

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Comedy Central Records to release new Denis Leary song

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Denis Leary is taking aim at celebrities and rehabilitation centers with his new song At the Rehab. Releasing on Comedy Central Records on March 24, the digital-only single will be available exclusively through iTunes for the first two weeks. Leary and his band The Enablers have...

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Video and Q&A: Bob Bledsoe in ‘We All Float On’

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Stand-up comedian Bob Bledsoe is starring along side Nick Novicki  in We All Float On, a new web series by veteran commercial director Jason Zada (Elf Yourself Office Max campaign).  WAFO tells the story of Marvin and Timmy, two young men who suddenly find themselves thrust...

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Thursday stand-up video: Kevin Brennan

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Comedian Kevin Brennan wasn’t a happy man when his mother said the word “vaginally.” Check it...

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John Mulaney: Comedian on top

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By Kathleen Perricone Few other stand-up comedians have made a dent on the national comedy scene as big as the one John Mulaney has-- and at such a young age. A near perfect debut album for Comedy Central and a scribe gig at Saturday Night Live leaves little question as to...

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Video interview: A Tight Five with Marla Schultz

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In a new installment of A Tight Five, I sit down with LA-based comedian Marla Schultz. We chat about everything from her being “funny for a hole,” getting treated like a rock star and why Courteney Cox is so hot. Check it...

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Wednesday stand-up video: Tim Harmston

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We love wild animals, but really if they’re not smart enough to avoid human stupidity, the hell with them. Right? Comedian Tim Harmston explains. Check it...

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Video: Marc Maron waxes on Hot Yoga and sweat

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As you may know, Punchline Magazine has had the pleasure of producing Marc Maron’s one-man show Scorching the Earth this month at the Green Room in New York City. It runs for two more Sundays (the 22nd and 29th) at 7 pm. You can get tickets here. Time Out New York reviewed...

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