D.L. Hughley’s CNN show canceled

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Since its Oct. 25 premiere, D.L. Hughley Breaks the News has been panned by critics. For them, it’s no surprise to hear that CNN canceled the show today. Although initial reports claim the network made the move for financial reasons, a CNN statement given to cityfile.com...

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Robin Williams will have heart surgery

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Robin Williams will undergo aortic valve replacement surgery, his spokesperson said today. As we previously reported, the 57-year-old Williams had to cancel four Florida tour dates after he complained of shortness of breath. He’s thought to be at a Miami hospital’s intensive...

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David Brenner joins Great American Comedy Festival

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David Brenner will be joining the Great American Comedy Festival this June in Norfolk, Nebraska. Running from June 15-21, the festival will be the second in a  yearly event that honors the late TV legend Johnny Carson who spent much of his childhood in the city. Brenner, who...

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Video: Comedy Central blogger on the Larry the Cable Guy roast red carpet

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There’s few bloggers I follow faithfully. In fact, I can’t think of any. The closest I come to following faithfully is Matt Tobey from the Comedy Central Insider. And don’t think it’s just because he writes about comedy and that comedy is all I care about...

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Margaret Cho will release music comedy album

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With new albums from musician comedians Stephen Lynch, Bo Burnham and Flight of the Conchords all set for release this year, it seems woman of all comedy trades Margaret Cho is working on her own to be released next year. According to her official site: Margaret is working on an...

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Bill Maher ‘Religulous’ winners

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Last month, we announced we were giving away a few copies of Bill Maher’s new DVD version of Religulous. Contestants had to send us a photo of them enjoying Punchline Magazine. Here are two of the winners’ photos we liked. These two and the rest of the winners will...

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Portland’s Funniest contest starts tonight

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Portland’s Funniest Professional contest kicks off  8:30 tomorrow night at the Comedy Connection with host, Spanky. Now in its 16th year, the PFP is an amateur stand up comedy competition open to anyone who thinks they have a great 3-5 minute set and have no more than...

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March is ‘Break Room Live’ month

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In honor or Punchline Magazine producing Marc Maron’s one-man show Scorching the Earth this month in New York (get tickets here), we’re going to give you, our readers, a weekly glimpse inside Marc’s newish Air America show Break Room Live, co-hosted by Sam Seder. Keep in...

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Friday stand-up video: Jamie Lissow

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The New York Times crossword puzzle is a challenge for most people. Comedian Jamie Lissow is no different. Check it...

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