UK comedian smashes fan’s cell phone

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The UK’s Independent just ran a story on a British stand-up’s brush with the law. The comedian Lee Hurst, was performing a show last Fall in Guildford, Surrey, UK, when he spotted an audience member with his cell phone out, seemingly taping him. The comedian approached that...

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Aisha Tyler interviews herself

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The folks at the Comedy Central Insider posted this revealing — and funny — interview with Aisha Tyler. But get this. She interviews herself! We don’t know how they did it. We can only guess they cloned Aisha real quick-like. Anyway, Aisha Tyler is Lit: Live at...

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Tuesday stand-up video: Eddie Gossling

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Comedian Eddie Gossling examines the anatomy of inebriation. Pay attention and you just might learn...

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Monday stand-up video: Maria Bamford

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In honor of Presidents Day our friends at RooftopComedy splashed their front page with Prez-related videos. In honor of them doing that in honor of President’s Day, we’re embedding one of said videos. That video — it’s of Maria Bamford! — is below....

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Kamikaze comedy is hilarious

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The peeps at recently launched an original series called Kamikaze Comedy. No, it’s not when a stand-up pilots a plane and deliberately crashes into strategic targets (like an IHOP) so as to take out the enemy and thus martyr himself. Although that would be...

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Some reflections on the North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival

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Before I say anything about the North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival I should disclaim that Punchline Magazine was a partner in the festival. In fact, I spoke on a panel about stand-up and technology on Saturday. The stand-up portion of the festival is over. But the improv...

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Demetri Martin scores biggest Comedy Central premiere since Chappelle

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Based on the amount of press Demetri Martin has gotten over the last few weeks and the seemingly endless placement of electronic advertising for his show, Important Things with Demetri Martin, it comes as no surprise that the oddball comic’s show premiere on Wednesday set...

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Christopher Titus’ Love is Evol premieres tomorrow

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What more can we say about Christopher Titus that we haven’t already said in the past few years online. We interviewed the veteran comic in 2007, reviewed the CD version of Norman Rockwell is Bleeding last year and now we got to check out his brand new special, Love is...

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Dennis Miller to unleash all seven of his comedy specials

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Since Barack Obama won the presidency, some in the stand-up comedy bizz or covering the stand-up comedy bizz have been fretting about a time where comedians just can’t lean on their generic hatred for George W. Bush for a quick punch line. But we’ll all be OK....

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