Why I stopped following Paul F. Tompkins on Twitter

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Paul F. Tompkins is a Twitter Maniac. I’ll never forget the day he first joined up because it was heavily promoted by John Hodgman. Within the first day, Twitterkins was quickly gathering followers and it appeared that a reply tweet from the funny man was not too far from...

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Former USC Gamecock dabbles in stand-up

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Marty Simpson, a former USC Gamecock kicker now gets his kicks - ha! get it? - onstage performing stand-up comedy. According to an interview with WisTV in South Carolina Marty says, “Telling jokes is way more nerve racking than kicking field goals.” He also states,...

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Wednesday stand-up video: John Evans

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Comedian John Evans educates his audience with a touching story about anal beads. Check it...

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Interview: Nick DiPaolo, Gary Gulman, Joe List headline Comics for a Cure benefit

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Occasionally, you come across the kind of warmth and sincerity in the comedy community that can touch the heart (or place the heart should be) of even the most hardened cynic. Tracy Harding has no real links to the world of comedy or activism, but last year, after learning about...

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John Oliver’s BBC show reprimanded for use of “Jew”

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After British comic Frankie Boyle made what some listeners of Daily Show correspondent John Oliver’s BBC radio show thought was an anti-semitic comment, the station promised to monitor their comedy shows more strictly. That was the ruling announced today by the BBC Trust...

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Tuesday stand-up video: Marina Franklin

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Comedian Marina Franklin never understood the draw of the sassy black comedian. Lucky for us, Marina just knows how to be herself. Check it...

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Column: Comedy Matters with Mike Birbiglia, Lewis Black, more

By | January 6, 2009 at 1:13 pm | 2 comments

MY "BEST FRIEND" RICHARD BELZER So I’m at The Friars Club at the book party for Richard Belzer’s new book, I Am Not A Cop, which right away surprised me because I was certain he was—a cop, that is. As one who believes everything he sees on TV, as I’m sure you do, it...

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REVIEW: Chad Daniels, “Busy Being Awesome”

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Release date: Jan. 27 Blue and black are the favorite shades in comedy, a generally off-color art form. The great masters George Carlin and Richard Pryor, the Da Vinci and Rembrandt of their profession, used painted prose and profanity to hilariously illustrate their points or...

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Monday stand-up video: Brendon Walsh

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At 35, comedian Brendon Walsh is not impressed by the promise of a hand job. Check it...

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