Marc Maron’s “Scorching the Earth”: Get your tickets

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This weekend, Punchline Magazine is presenting Marc Maron’s Scorching the Earth in New York, his one man show about lost love, divorce, anger and all that soul-bearing fun stuff! Here are the details: Saturday, Jan. 3 at 10 pm The Green Room at 45 Bleecker (NYC) Advance...

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Tuesday stand-up video: Andi Smith

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Comedian Andi Smith wasn’t always the positive-thinking, glass-half-full type of gal. Check it...

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Guest blog: Comedian Marla Schulz’s five New Year’s resolutions

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I Plan To Stay Healthy I have no choice. I can’t afford health care. Every time I visit an “in-network” doctor my claim gets kicked back. The last one was from my gynecologist. I didn’t know having a vagina was considered a “pre-existing condition.“ I Will Save...

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Wall Street types turn to stand-up comedy

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It turns out this economic downturn has done more than just put people out of jobs. According to a recent New York Times article by Hannah Seligson, the huge amount of job loss in the financial sector has caused people to go for it in the realm of arts and entertainment. The...

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Punchline Magazine presents the five best comedy DVDs of 2008

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And you thought we were done with lists this year. By now, you've probably seen our picks for the 10 best stand-up comedy albums of 2008. But sometimes comedians just release a DVD without a CD companion; or maybe their DVD is more noteworthy than their audio version of the same...

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Tracy Morgan named “Man of the Year”

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An African-American group, Jack and Jill of America, has named comedian Tracy Morgan as their Man of the Year. According to their official site, the group “is a family organization that provides cultural, social, civic and recreational activities that stimulate and expand...

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Mayor declares Amman stand-up comedy festival to be annual event

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This morning I was reading Al Bawaba - as I do everyday- and was pleased to read that the Amman Stand-up Comedy Festival will now be an annual event. The announcement came from Mayor Omar Maani after its first debut ever in the Middle East. The Greater Amman Municipality adopted...

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Spotted: Carrot Top at Penn Station, NYC

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2:50 pm...

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Punchline Magazine presents the ‘Comedy Central’s Stand-up Showdown’ madness contest!

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Comedy Central’s Stand-up Showdown 2009 has begun. My fantasy football team was a bust this year and March Madness is a long time coming, so we have come up with a new contest. Punchline Magazine presents The “Comedy Central’s Stand-up Showdown” Madness!...

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