ManiaTV launches new talk show, ‘Barbequay with Jonah Ray’

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Jonah Ray will star in ManiaTV’s new web talk show, Barbequay with Jonah Ray. Created by writer Mason Steinberg (Crank Yankers, Andy Milonakis Show) and comic Jonah Ray, the talk show will set itself apart from other similar formats by throwing a party for each of special...

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Steven Wright inducted into Hall, a city’s comedy history celebrated

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Comedian Fran Solomita said it best during his set last Monday night: “How perfect it is that Steven Wright is the first inductee into a Hall of Fame that doesn’t physically exist.” In fact, Wright was the unanimous choice to be honored at the inaugural Boston Comedy Hall...

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Monday stand-up video: Dave Waite

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Comedian Dave Waite has some sombering news: jeans day at work is complete bullshit. Check it...

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New Jersey picks its college comedy king

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On Saturday, Dec. 6, Monmouth University hosted the Championship Finals of the “New Jersey King or Queen of Campus Comedy.” The contest featured contestants from 40 of the state’s colleges competing for laughs in front of a live audience. The team of judges rated the...

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‘Funny People’ loaded with stand-up comedian cameos

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Judd Apatow’s upcoming masterpiece, Funny People, is shaping up to be an instant stand-up comedy movie classic.  With a power house of comedic actors already on the project, SlashFilms has reported that Dave Attell, Sarah Silverman, Norm MacDonald, and Andy Dick are also...

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Video: Stella celebrates a birthday!

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In this new Stella short, David Wain and Michael Ian Black join together to give Michael Showalter the birthday celebration of a lifetime. There’s cake and a magician and awkward flashbacks! The disturbing twist ending, however, will make you forget all about...

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Interview: New comedy radio show helps to heal

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Nearly 10 years ago, from her hospital bed, Saranne Rothberg came up with the idea for the ComedyCures Foundation. She had stage IV cancer. But she was a big believer in the power of comedy and laughter in the coping/healing process. It was an idea she stumbled upon after...

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Mike Birbiglia’s ‘Sleepwalk with Me’ off-Broadway run extended

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Originally scheduled to end Jan. 18, Mike Birbiglia’s one-man show Sleepwalk with Me will now extend through March of next year, reports. The Nathan Lane presented-show, which opened Nov. 11 at the Bleecker Street Theatre, explores Birbiglia’s...

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Laughter yoga hits the States

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In the wake of the country’s dour economic situation, a growing number of people have been turning to a fairly new form of mental/physical exercise: laughter yoga. Studies have long shown that laughter has many physical benefits in addition to mental ones. Laughter yoga...

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