Flight of the Conchords superfan Mel asks for your help

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As you may be aware, Flight of the Conchords will return to HBO on Jan. 18 with its second season. You may have also read on this here site that you could watch the entire premiere on FunnyOrDie on Dec. 17 through Dec. 21. What you may not know is that Conchords superfan Mel...

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Live review: Stella in Ann Arbor, MI

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Dec. 6 at the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor, MI Their short-lived Comedy Central TV show may be forever doomed as a footnote to a footnote in pop cultural history, but Stella’s resourceful, comedic towel has yet to be thrown in. The infamous comedy troupe – comprised of Michael...

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Tuesday stand-up video: Matt Kirshen

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Comedian Matt Kirshen gives us all a lesson on what it means to follow a Kosher diet. Listen up. There’s some good learnin’...

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Andy Kindler former pro wrestler, according to Wikipedia

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Wikipedia is widely praised for its open source, liberal updating, and above all accuracy. It came as a surprise then to see the entry for stand-up veteran, Andy Kindler, who was sited as having been part of “the World Wrestling Federation as a nerdy character named...

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Maria Bamford, John Mulaney, more added to Comedy Central Records roster

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As 2008 winds down and Comedy Central Records enjoys the success of another strong year of record sales, we hear that 2009 is going to find the comedy giants releasing another crop of huge names and rising stars. We can report that Comedy Central’s tentative list of albums...

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Report: At a taping of Demetri Martin’s new Comedy Central show

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Note to the powers that be at Comedy Central: You can’t keep people waiting in the cold for hours and expect a good audience. Demetri Martin learned this lesson the hard way Thursday night at a taping of his new show, Important Things with Demetri Martin, set to premiere in...

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Russell Brand wins Best Stand-up Comedian at British Comedy Awards

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Shortly after quitting his radio gig over a heated prank phone call scandal that got him and his co-host Jonathan Ross suspended, Russell Brand was honored at the British Comedy Awards as the Best Stand-up Comedian. Brand, who accepted his award via video link, thanked his...

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Monday stand-up video: Brian Regan

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If there are such things as hit bits (like hit songs) this has got to be one of the contemporary classics: Brian Regan on Pop Tarts. Check it out. Jokes.com Brian Regan - How to Eat a Pop Tart More Funny Videos Comedians on Tour Get Funny Ringtones Stand-Up...

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Aaron Karo: Giving it the old college try

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Since graduating from the University of Pennsylvania in 2001, Aaron Karo has been extremely busy. Within the year following graduation, he worked on Wall Street, gained a huge following with his online column –  Ruminations – published two books based off that same column,...

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