Harland Williams lands TBS gig

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Comedian Harland Williams has signed on with TBS to film a pilot wherein he’ll host a 30-minute show called The TBS Comedy Roadshow. Reuters reports: [the show] would travel around the country to historically significant regional or vaudeville theaters and use local talent...

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Russell Brand set to remake Dudley Moore flick

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British superstar comedian Russell Brand, who just filmed his first hour Comedy Central special, might star in a remake of the 1981 Dudley Moore comedy Arthur. Moore played a drunken lothario set to inherit a fortune. From the Hollywood Reporter: Brand is meeting with scribes to...

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Grammy nod “would’ve put a skip in Carlin’s step”

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Last night, CBS broadcast a live special wherein the Grammy nominations for this February’s actual Grammy award show were announced. And of course with the usual music-related nominees, came this year’s nods for Best Comedy Album. The nominees are: Lewis Black,...

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Comedy Central to launch in New Zealand

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When you think of New Zealand and comedy, what are the first few things that come to mind? Flight of the Conchords for sure, right? Lewis Black has a bit about traveling to the island nation (listen below). But beyond that, there’s not too much. That may all change now,...

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Thursday stand-up video: Dave Landau

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Comedian Dave Landau has had some recent, let’s say, colorful interactions with the service industry. Check it...

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Moms can be funny too

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Did you think a mom’s only comedic purpose was to provide material for her damaged comedian son/daughter? Guess again! “Mom’s Night Out” is a trifecta of established female comedians determined to show that motherhood can be balanced with careers in comedy without...

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Doug Stanhope protege Arthur Hinty still standing up

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Arthur Hinty is not what you’d consider a well-known comedian. However, he’s got some well known friends, namely Doug Stanhope. A few years ago Stand Up! Records released an album called The Unbookables, taken from a live show hosted and headlined by Stanhope and...

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Ashton Kutcher and Joe Rogan walk into a TV studio…

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No, folks. It’s not the setup to some hack joke. It’s reality. Comedian (and former Fear Factor host), Joe Rogan have teamed up (as in, they’re working together!) on a new CBS show called Gameshow in My Head. The network announced the news yesterday. According...

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Video: ‘Prop 8, the Musical’ starring Margaret Cho, Jack Black and more

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FunnyOrDie today premiered their video Prop 8, the Musical, a three-minute comedy star-packed ditty that calls out the absurdity of banning gay marriage. Comedians Margaret Cho, Craig Robinson as well as tons of other celebs – Jack Black, John C. Reilly, Andy Richter, Neil...

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