Doug Stanhope protege Arthur Hinty still standing up

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Arthur Hinty is not what you’d consider a well-known comedian. However, he’s got some well known friends, namely Doug Stanhope. A few years ago Stand Up! Records released an album called The Unbookables, taken from a live show hosted and headlined by Stanhope and...

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Ashton Kutcher and Joe Rogan walk into a TV studio…

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No, folks. It’s not the setup to some hack joke. It’s reality. Comedian (and former Fear Factor host), Joe Rogan have teamed up (as in, they’re working together!) on a new CBS show called Gameshow in My Head. The network announced the news yesterday. According...

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Video: ‘Prop 8, the Musical’ starring Margaret Cho, Jack Black and more

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FunnyOrDie today premiered their video Prop 8, the Musical, a three-minute comedy star-packed ditty that calls out the absurdity of banning gay marriage. Comedians Margaret Cho, Craig Robinson as well as tons of other celebs – Jack Black, John C. Reilly, Andy Richter, Neil...

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Wednesday stand-up video: Jon Fisch

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Comedian Jon Fisch admits it’s kinda hot when a woman goes commando. But there are some down sides. Check it...

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Robert Buscemi plans Chicago DVD taping

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Do you live in the Chicago area and like things that are hilarious? Check out comedian Robert Buscemi’s upcoming DVD taping. It’s going down at The Annoyance Theatre and Bar on Wednesday, Dec. 17. The show is sponsored by and will be hosted by...

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Power Just releases latest album, Under the Bus Vol II

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Morris Fuller, who prefers the moniker, Power Just, is releasing a stand-up CD called Under the Bus Vol. II. Fuller, who has yet to actually perform stand-up filled his latest album with 23 tracks of comedy aimed at bringing his culture to the masses as is and uncut. I’m...

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Video interview: A Tight Five with Jim Florentine

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In a new episode of our video web series A Tight Five, wherein Punchline Magazine editor Dylan Gadino interviews some of the country's biggest comedians at Comix in New York, Jim Florentine chats about his life as a professional ball buster, his new show on VH1 and much more. As...

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Flight of the Conchords to premiere on FunnyOrDie

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Flight of the Conchords will return to HBO with brand new episodes in January. However, hardcore Conchords fans can check out the entire premiere episode of season two on FunnyOrDie on Dec. 17 at noon EST. The episode will stay on the site through Dec. 21. You can check out...

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Monday stand-up audio clip: Jimmy Pardo

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In this clip taken from last year’s Comedy Death-Ray CD from Comedy Central, comedian Jimmy Pardo proves himself a master of crowd work. Check it...

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