Video: Bill Maher visits his roots, talks about his sleeping habits

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On tonight’s episode of Sundance Channel’s Iconoclasts (10 pm EST), comedian Bill Maher hangs out with music industry legend Clive Davis. If you’re not familiar with the show, it’s basically an interview show except the interviews happen while...

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Mitch Hedberg haiku winners announced… finally

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You may remember, dear readers, that we had announced a Mitch Hedberg giveaway a few months ago, wherein we asked you to write a haiku. The writers of the best three Mitch haikus would win a copy of the album. If you’ve been paying really close attention, you’ll know that we...

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Video: Tonight’s episode of the ‘Sarah Silverman Program’

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In tonight’s episode of The Sarah Silverman Program (10:30 pm EST) on Comedy Central, Sarah learns the realities of being homeless. Here’s a sneak peak because we like...

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Wednesday stand-up video: Robert Kelly

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Comedian Robert Kelly has nothing against with the phrase “I love you.” He just wants to save it for special occasions. Check it...

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Comedy Central at Crash Mansion

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Comedy Central has announced a new bi-weekly showcase for itself and comedians called, Comedy Central at Crash Mansion. The New York venue will be similar to the Comedy Central Stage already used in Los Angeles  that served as a launching pad for shows like Mind of Mencia and...

Posted in: News to relaunch with ‘deep archive’ of stand-up

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An extensive video archive of Comedy Central’s stand-up material is going to be the focal point of the soon to be relaunched While the URL itself still currently redirects to the network’s own Joke of the Day section of, it is the hope...

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Tuesday stand-up video: Jeffrey Ross

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Everybody in the world is talking about the election today. Let us not forget what else is very important: love...

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Mike Birbiglia: Sleepwalk With Me

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“The more people know about you, the more they can use against you.” – Mike Birbiglia’s dad. When he released his third stand-up comedy album, My Secret Public Journal Live in September of last year, any doubt as to whether Mike Birbiglia was on his way to becoming one...

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Comedians Jim Florentine, Don Jamieson join VH1 metal show

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VH1 Classic has made a bold mood with That Metal Show, which combines the classic talk show, round table discussion format with the world of Heavy Metal. The show will be hosted by Eddie Trunk, who will lead weekly discussions with celebrity guests regarding all things...

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