Friday stand-up video: Caitlin Gill

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Comedian Caitlin Gill spent her formative sexual years a bit heavier than she is now. But she wouldn’t have changed a thing about it. Check it...

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Video: Hello from Punchline Magazine

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Because I can’t afford to pay for air time on the major networks but still like the idea of addressing America by talking into a camera, I shot this little “Hello and welcome to Punchline Magazine” video the other day....

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Video: Sarah Silverman wets the bed

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You guys are never going to believe this but we’re going to try to convince you otherwise: there is a brand new episode of the Sarah Silverman Program on tonight at 10:30 EST. We’re not about to do the math to figure out what time that is in those other time...

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‘Carlin on Campus’ to be released for the first time on CD

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If you’re on this site, you’ve most likely seen Carlin on Campus – the late George Carlin’s fourth cable special – either on DVD or on HBO. But the album version, released only on vinyl, has been out of print since its original release in 1984. will...

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Russell Brand resigns from BBC after radio suspension

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Russell Brand is really making his mark. The controversial up and coming comedian joined the likes of The Sex Pistols, The Beatles, and even solo Paul McCartney, when he was suspended by the BBC after an Oct. 18 broadcast where he and radio co-host Jonathan Ross left crude...

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Wednesday stand-up video: Project Palin

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Rooftop Comedy has put together a collection of some of their best talent offering up their best material on Maverick Alaska Governer, Sarah “Straight Talkin’ Palin....

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Giveaway: Carlos Mencia’s ‘Performance Enhanced’

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We all know that Carlos Mencia is, to say the very least, a divisive player in the world of stand-up comedy.  People have called him many things: a socialist, a terrorist… an elitist. Wrong guy? Anyway, despite the charges against Mencia, he has remained an amazingly popular...

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National Lampoon joins forces with Uproar Entertainment for new audio division

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After getting over the initial surprise that National Lampoon is a publicly traded company (NLN), I was excited to read the announcement of the  worldwide distribution agreement with Uproar Entertainment for the company’s recently launched audio...

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Sandler, Rogan, Hill in Apatow’s new ‘Funny People’

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Details are finally available about Judd Apatow’s latest project, Funny People. /Film reveals that the plot of the film centers around two main characters who are stand-up comics from opposite ends of the spectrum, George Simmons (Adam Sandler) and Ira (Seth...

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