Video: 30 seconds of Bill Cosby madness on ESPN

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Last Tuesday the Temple University Owls of Philadelphia defeated the Ohio University Bobcats 14-10 in a game of football. Our favorite part of the the nationally televised game — besides watching young men pulverize each other, of course — was the presence of comedy...

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Funniest accountant to be named in November

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There isn’t much comedy to be found in the act of crunching numbers. Or is there? On Nov. 6, Atlanta is having its fourth annual Search for the South’s Funniest Accountant contest. Ten accountant contestants were chosen at an audition in September, and were then sent to a...

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Tuesday stand-up video: Jimmy Dore

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Comedian Jimmy Dore knows that terrorists want to take our freedom away. So he’s got a plan to prevent them from doing just that. Check it...

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Jerry Lewis totally loves making homophobic comments

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This post is an anniversary of sorts; about time last year, Jerry Lewis was under fire for using an anti-gay slur on live television. This post will be similar to that one… At a recent news conference in Sydney, a TV reporter for Network Ten asked his opinion of the sport...

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Video: Comedians Kyle Cease and Bob Bledsoe experiment with coffee, roofies

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I’ve been itching to share this ever since I previewed the first cut months ago. Starring Kyle Cease, Bob Bledsoe, and Tyler Olshansky, this comedy short investigates the questions surrounding roofies and one’s true love. Coffee and...

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Cleveland welcomes first comedy festival

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Cleveland is gearing up for its first ever comedy festival. Running from Nov. 7 - 9, the festival will feature both stand up and improv comedy along with a Fan Forum directed at informing audience members of where they can find great Cleveland comedy. Besides the 40 plus comedy...

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Patton Oswalt’s Halloween card challenge

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Patton Oswalt challenges fans via his Myspace Blog this week to show off their horror movie genre trivia skills. Providing the illustration for Oswalt’s 2008 Halloween card is Corrie Erickson with his artistic rendition of 6 characters from some of Patton’s favorite...

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Monday stand-up video: Joe Marlotti

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If Jesus came back to walk the earth, comedian Joe Marlotti posits that one of the savior-to-some’s first stops would be Denny’s. Check it...

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From the archives… Dave Attell: Captain Comedy

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(originally printed on Dec. 3, 2007) By the name of his new HBO special, Captain Miserable, you'd think veteran stand-up comedian Dave Attell has a few bones to pick with life. But it's just that he thinks the dark side of existence is funny. Turns out,...

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