Study finds that women love when dudes make self-deprecating jokes

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Leave it to the Irish to site witty humor as the key to seduction. Ireland’s The Independent just posted an article on the study findings of New Mexico anthropologist Gil Greengross. After a two-year examination of the art of seduction, she concluded that a self-deprecating...

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Comedy club in a phone booth hits England

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We’ve seen comedy in some strange places over the years, but this one ranks up there. The newest stand-up spot in Northeast England – and now the smallest comedy club in the world – is right inside a phone booth. The BBC taped a piece from the “gig in a phone box,”...

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Video: The truth about Hillary supporters for McCain

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Snagged from, I needed to share this video with you. There’s a lot of Sarah Palin parody and anti-Palin stuff out there, I know. You’re probably already sick of it. But I liked this one. Simple production; just four women, quick cuts, one background...

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Friday stand-up video: Brendan McLaughlin

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Comedian (and Punchline Magazine writer Brendan McLaughlin) does a tight five onstage at Comix — site of Punchline Magazine’s 3rd anniversary show featuring Greg Giraldo — and spans everything from drinking coffee, jerking off and the movie Hook. Check it...

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Review: Tom McCaffrey’s ‘Lou Diamond Phillips?’; release party Sept. 5

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From the look of things, Tom McCaffrey is just another weed freak with a burgers-and-fries body, the sort of inert stoner who considers pushing his luck a strenuous cardio workout. Maybe this is why Mom told us never to judge a comic by his CD cover…or something like...

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Thursday stand-up video: Drew Thomas

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Comedian Drew Thomas believes there should be huge ATM reforms. Check it...

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Jamie Kennedy fights back; critics be warned

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There's a long list of professional Jamie Kennedy haters; no one knows this more than the comedian himself. But now, Kennedy has a voice to strike back in the form of his to-be- released documentary Heckler. Throughout his 20-year career, a lot of negative things have been...

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Defending Tom Green

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So today in the E! Online column The Awful Truth, Ted Casablanca writes about “has been” Tom Green performing stand-up at Club Spaceland in Los Angeles and bombing To be precise, he writes about what a “snooper” told him he or she saw. We have a few issues with the...

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Video: Eugene Mirman reports on Sarah Palin from the RNC

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Snagged from the Comedy Central Insider via 23/6, we had to share Eugene Mirman’s coverage of the RNC with you....

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