Elvira Kurt: Canuck of all trades

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It’s hard to find a comedian quite like Elvira Kurt. Perhaps best known in the States for her painfully hilarious insights about growing up as the gay daughter of Hungarian immigrants in her native Toronto, she is also a seasoned television personality with a unique knack for...

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Friday stand-up video: Tracey Ashley

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Comedian Tracey Ashley knows someone who tried to overdose on birth control pills. That’s commitment. Check it...

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Video: Paul Mecurio’s ‘Unreliable Intelligence’ at the DNC

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Daily Show veteran, and comedian Paul Mecurio has been in Denver the last few days filming a web series called Unreliable Intelligence. In the first episode below, Mecurio explains what political spin is and in the process, annoys people. In the second episode (after the jump),...

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DL Hughley: Def Comedy Jam was the best and worst thing to happen to black comedy

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In an interview published today in suburban Chicago’s Beacon News, DL Hughley claims that HBO’s hugely popular stand-up series, Def Comedy Jam – which ran from 1992 – 1997 – has become a bittersweet benchmark for black comedy. “Def Jam was the best and worst...

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Kevin Hart named new host of Comic View

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BET’s Comic View where many black comedians have gotten there start, is getting a face lift in the fall Kevin Hart style. The show’s new title will be Comic View: One Mic Stand and is hyped to be an even fresher, hipper, stylistic version than the original.  The new...

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Thursday stand-up video: Tom McNaughton

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Comedian Tom McNaughton envisions a time where washing your hands in a public restroom won’t be considered mandatory. Your genitals, however, would be another story. Check it...

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Video: Eugene Mirman reports from the DNC

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Comedian Eugene Mirman is in Denver with all the other serious reporters covering the Democratic National Convention. It’s almost as if these conventions are just huge jokes, huh? [Grabbed from Comedy Central Insider via...

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Eddie Griffin’s make up/break up with hometown comedy club

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Comedian Eddie Griffin’s plan on making a triumphant return to his hometown of Kansas City was unexpectedly cancelled. The Kansas City native was scheduled to return to tape a segment for his upcoming VH1 reality show, Going for Broke. One segment called for him to settle a...

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Wednesday stand-up video: Kevin Shea

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It’s not that comedian Kevin Shea isn’t happy for Michael Phelps and his eight gold medals. It’s just that he can’t relate to that lifestyle. Check it...

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