Video: Rabbits interview Janeane Garofalo

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Maybe it’s that we’re losing touch with the hip Internet spots, but up until today, we’ve never heard of Rabbit Bites or Buns and Chou Chou, who, are creepy animated rabbits who host a web talk show – er something – where they interview comedians like Michael Ian...

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Two minute live review: Rich Vos

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With the recent split of Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman, Rich Vos and Bonnie McFarlane moved up one spot in the funniest couple rankings. I had the chance to catch the pair perform at Carolines last Thursday. Let’s be clear: I’m a Vos fan; I thought he clearly deserved to...

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Robin Williams announces first stand-up tour in six years

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Robin Williams just announced plans to kickoff a live comedy tour this Fall, his first in six years. The tour, titled Weapons of Self-Destruction, will include dates in Chicago, Nashville and Baltimore. His last live tour resulted in the HBO special, Robin Williams Live on...

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Video: Marc Maron brushes his teeth

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Recently comedian Marc Maron has set out to faux self promote himself by filming a series of videos of him at home and/or doing very pedestrian things (baking scones, anyone?) In this video, the man brushes his teeth and waxes philosophical. I’ve always wondered what...

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Monday stand-up video: Greg Giraldo

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Years ago when we started the awesome war we’re still in, Greg Giraldo opined to our Canadian neighbors about our country’s foreign policy. Check it...

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Bernie Mac not in very critical condition

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Despite many conflicting reports, comedian Bernie Mac’s publicist Danica Smith assured the public today that the 50-year-old is doing better after being hospitalized for pneumonia. When asked about a published report that Mac is in “very, very critical” condition,...

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Saturday video for no reason: Triumph poops on Star Wars fans

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Apropos of nothing, our friends at SketchyPremise thankfully posted this amazingly funny, classic Triumph video wherein the rubber dog wonder destroys a mob of Star Wars fans. enjoy. Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog - Star Wars - watch more funny videos ...

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YouTube phenom, ‘Fred’ ruining future of comedy

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The next generation of comedy fans are in crisis and if current stand-ups hope to woo these Millennial crowds in the near future, they will have to make some drastic changes to their material and stage presence. What’s to blame for this sudden disastrous turn of events? A...

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MTV: We’re so scared of what Russell Brand may do; let’s hire him!

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Only a week after we addressed English comedian Russell Brand’s controversial onstage sex prank, MTV announced that he would host this year’s VMAs. It seems that the execs at MTV are somewhat nervous of Brand’s potential antics and included an odd addition when telling...

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