Friday stand-up video: Brendon Walsh

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Happy Friday, readers. Here’s some good ‘ole poop humor from comedian Brendon Walsh to get your weekend started...

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Video: NCI will murder your boss

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Remember this Saturday Night Live commercial parody? No? Well, who needs a memory when you have embed code....

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Video: new episode of Reality Bites Back tonight

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Sick of the stupid fucking Olympics? Would you like to see someone make fun of the stupid fucking Olympics? We would. So do you. We know it. Check out a bunch of stand-up comedians (you know them as the contestants on Comedy Central’s Reality Bites Back) take part in a...

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Japanese comic talks about A-bomb experience

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At age 80, Koishi Kimi is the comedy veteran in the region of Kansai. What most Japanese comedy fans may not know – because he doesn’t usually speak about it — is that he is a survivor of the atomic bomb attack on Hiroshima. Koishi finally agreed to speak about his...

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John Mulaney, Chelsea Peretti at next CollegeHumor show

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So last month, the folks at CollegeHumor debuted their live monthly comedy show at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York. To say the least, it was a success. Christian Finnegan, Pete Holmes and more performed. I was there. It was packed. And the alcohol was cheap…...

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Thursday stand-up video: Scott Dunn

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Comedian Scott Dunn is far from a fanatical Catholic; but he’d rather stay a bored Catholic than shop for a new religion. Check it...

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Jeffrey Ross: Rules the roast

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After years of touring the country, roasting celebrities, and bringing comedy to war torn parts of the world, Jeffrey Ross has finally come back home for the much anticipated one-hour Comedy Central special, No Offense: Live from New Jersey, premiering Friday, Aug. 22-- not to...

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How to suck the fun out of stand-up comedy: Lesson 1

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Question: How do you make stand-up comedy sound as unappealing as, say, chatting with a 55-year-old, former CEO of a $1 billion Fortune 500 company? Answer: Talk to a 55-year-old former CEO of a $1 billion Fortune 500 about stand-up comedy. In all fairness, the former CEO in...

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Japan loses a stand-up comedy mainstay

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Not a day goes by – not a day! – that we don’t get a dozen or so e-mails from dedicated readers in Osaka, Japan complaining about our lack of Japanese comedy news coverage. Our response is always the same: “Tell us when something news-worthy happens – like if, for...

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