Margaret Cho: Reality strikes

By | August 18, 2008 at 2:27 am | 4 comments

Margaret Cho is, quite simply, a living icon of the stand-up comedy world. More than a comedian and entertainer, the San Francisco native is a strong-voiced activist for womens' rights and the rights of gays and lesbians. And now the power she wields will only grow as her new...

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Video: Republican, Democrat, Bachelor… there’s a new party in town

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We snagged this video from our friends at It seems comedian Ryan Maloney is tired of the options we’re given every four years. Welcome to the Bachelor...

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Aisha Tyler to record Comedy Central special

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Comedian Aisha Tyler will film a one-hour Comedy Central special tomorrow at the Fillmore in San Francisco, her hometown. During the show, Tyler will hit on a number of topics, she told the Redwood City Daily News. “I’m not a political comic. I’m a...

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Comedian Aaron Karo launches ‘Ruminations’ site

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Comedian Aaron Karo just announced the launch of The site is a user-generated humor site that allows members to write their own “ruminations,” defined by the site as funny observations or anecdotes less than 100 words. The best posts are voted to a prominent...

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Write a haiku; win Mitch Hedberg’s new album

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By now, you surely know that Comedy Central is releasing a brand new Mitch Hedberg album Sept. 9. It’s called Do You Believe in Gosh? “I was looking at one of Mitch’s notebooks after he died and that line was written on a page along with some other notes. I just kind...

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Friday stand-up video: Brendon Walsh

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Happy Friday, readers. Here’s some good ‘ole poop humor from comedian Brendon Walsh to get your weekend started...

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Video: NCI will murder your boss

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Remember this Saturday Night Live commercial parody? No? Well, who needs a memory when you have embed code....

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Video: new episode of Reality Bites Back tonight

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Sick of the stupid fucking Olympics? Would you like to see someone make fun of the stupid fucking Olympics? We would. So do you. We know it. Check out a bunch of stand-up comedians (you know them as the contestants on Comedy Central’s Reality Bites Back) take part in a...

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Japanese comic talks about A-bomb experience

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At age 80, Koishi Kimi is the comedy veteran in the region of Kansai. What most Japanese comedy fans may not know – because he doesn’t usually speak about it — is that he is a survivor of the atomic bomb attack on Hiroshima. Koishi finally agreed to speak about his...

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