Friday stand-up video: Geoff Tate

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Comedian Geoff Tate has nothing against gay marriage– so long as it doesn’t fuck with his commute. Check it...

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Video: Paul F. Tompkins in ‘Private Fireman’

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Directed by Bob Odenkirk, comedian Paul F. Tompkins is Private Fireman! Private Fireman directed by Bob OdenkirkUploaded by...

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New York Comedy Festival tickets on sale: Louis CK, Katt Williams, Sarah Silverman, Brian Regan slated

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Tickets for the fifth annual New York Comedy Festival went on sale today. Just yesterday, festival organizers released the official lineup, which includes: Sarah Silverman, Katt Williams, Frank Caliendo, Brian Regan, Louis CK, Carlos Mencia, Joel McHale, Tracy Morgan and more....

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17-year-old Pakistani comic not afraid to call his audience ‘cunts’

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It seems our fascination with teen entertainers is crossing over to stand-up comedy. Especially in Scotland where 17-year-old Pakistani comedian Ahir Shah is playing the Edinburgh Fringe Festival through Aug. 25, along with 27-year-old comic Alex Maple in a show dubbed One Boy....

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Thursday stand-up video: Dave Waite

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Comedian Dave Waite never wanted to knock dicks in the dirt, despite constant encouragement from Rockin’ Ron. Check it...

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Video: Maria Bamford’s secrets to success

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Caught this today from our friends at ChuckleDumper and just had to share. In a series of shorts called The Opener, comedian Jim Tews seeks advice from established comics. In this episode, Maria Bamford imparts her secrets to...

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Artie Lange checks into rehab

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Comedian and Howard Stern Show radio sidekick Artie Lange has checked into rehab for drug and alcohol abuse. The 40-year-old admitted himself into an intensive outpatient rehabilitation program over the weekend, his spokesperson confirmed. Lange has previously struggled with...

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Burmese comic faces two years in prison for speaking out against government

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Comedy is about making people laugh, of course but is also many times about speaking your mind– on and off stage. That’s the way it works in the States anyway. In southeast Asian country Myanmar (aka Burma), however, speaking your mind gets you a far different...

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Doug Stanhope protests Edinburgh’s comedy festivals; willing to play 16-hour show for 14 grand

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For decades now, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland has been one of the biggest, most important stand-up comedy events in the world. As the name suggests, it’s not an event that has ever necessarily made a habit of cow-towing to the biggest, most mainstream-minded...

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