Jimmy Dore: Waging war on stupidity

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In this time of national turmoil, political fear and uncertainty – laughing yet? –emerges a voice of reason, of strength and of hope. Not Obama, you silly geese. Even better: Citizen Jimmy – comedian Jimmy Dore – premieres his one-hour Comedy Central special this week....

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Video interview: A Tight Five with Lord Carrett

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In our fifth installment of A Tight Five, our weekly comedian interview series shot at Comix in New York City and powered by our friends at RooftopComedy, we sit down with comedian Lord Carrett. We chat about his Rockabilly style, dealing with unruly comedy crowds, telling jokes...

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Jerry Lewis busted for concealed weapon

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Iconic comedian Jerry Lewis was stopped Friday by TSA members at McCarran airport in Las Vegas after they allegedly spotted a gun in his carry-on luggage. It was unloaded. ET and TMZ reports that Lewis denied even knowing the gun was in there and alluded to the fact that other...

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Indiana Funny Bone closes

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The 15-year-old Funny Bone in Mishawaka, IN — just outside of South Bend — will close its doors, WSBT in South Bend reported today, adding that its possible the club may reopen under a different name. The venue originally opened in South Bend in 1993 and then moved...

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Audio fun: sneak peak from Bill Burr’s new album

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The long-awaited follow-up to Bill Burr’s first album, Emotionally Unavailable is nearly upon us! The new album on Image Entertainment is called Why Do I Do This? and will hit stores Aug. 5. The DVD will be available Sept. 16; and in between those two dates Comedy Central...

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Cheech and Chong to return in live comedy tour

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Tomorrow, original stoner comic team Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong will announce plans for a new live comedy tour called “What’s That Smell?” The news conference will be held at West Hollywood’s Troubadour, which is where the pot-centric duo first got a taste of success...

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Comedian Mike Bonner denied request to work during jail sentence

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Despite pleas to the court to allow him out of his 120 days in jail for falling behind in child support payments – in order to work and help pay back the debt – Detroit comedian Mike Bonner will remain behind bars—for now. The assistant Michigan attorney general asked that...

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Tuesday stand-up video: Kathleen Mcgee

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Comedian Kathleen Mcgee explains away any desire a man may have to get himself some anal sex. Check it...

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Obama ad to run during Daily Show and Colbert Report

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For the first time, a political ad will run during Comedy Central’s The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report. From The New York Times: Tony Fox, a spokesman for Comedy Central, said he did not know why the cable channel had not accepted political advocacy...

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