George Carlin: It’s Bad for Ya – HBO Special

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Carlin’s 14th original solo HBO stand-up special. It’s Bad for Ya airs live from the Wells Fargo Center for the Arts in Santa Rosa, CA this Saturday, March 1 at 10 p.m. ET—only on HBO! Here’s the official...

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Our friends at this week went live with a spiffier looking, spiffier functioning site. The daily joke and networking site now allows viewers easier access to many more videos, a more user-friendly navigation bar, a revamped forum section and much more. So make...

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Punchline Magazine’s latest appearance on The Danny Lobell Show

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Each week, we call The Danny Lobell Show and give their fine listeners info on what’s new in comedy and which national hot shows to check out. Here’s the segment from this past Friday, also featuring comedian Ray Ellin, founder of and host of LateNet...

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Wednesday stand-up video: Michelle Biloon

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Comedian Michelle Biloon just might be the cause of her sister being gay. Or was it kd Lang’s fault. Check it...

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Todd Barry “From Heaven” winners announced

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Thanks to all of our readers who sent in photos to win From Heaven, Todd Barry’s new Comedy Central album, out March 4. As we said in our previous Barry post, we would snag the first five photos. If you haven’t heard our sneak peak of the album, make sure you check...

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National Lampoon, James Belushi partner with this fall’s Chicago Comedy Fest

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Producers Jason Brett and John Davies recently announced that the Chicago Comedy Fest will hit the city this fall. James Belushi, Julia Louis-Dreyfus as well as National Lampoon have all signed on as partners to the fest. Set to take place on three stages at the...

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What do Lindsay Lohan and Eddie Murphy have in common? A serious case of the Razzies, or course.

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Once revered as the nation’s hottest comic, yet still respected as one of the best stand-ups of all time, Eddie Murphy was recently “honored” as the worst actor of 2007 at this year’s Golden Raspberry Awards. Murphy...

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Clean comedian loves going green, vanilla ice cream, khakis

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In the today’s New York Times, goody two-shoes comedian Dan Nainan brags about how he’s not like helping destroy the earth and stuff. Seems that despite him traveling by plane (jet fuel isn’t expensive, right?) to all corners of...

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Tuesday stand-up video: Carmen Lynch

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Comedian Carmen Lynch may have missed her calling early on in life as a medical equipment catalogue model. It’s a good thing she had being really funny to fall back on. Check it...

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