Comedian Mike Bonner denied request to work during jail sentence

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Despite pleas to the court to allow him out of his 120 days in jail for falling behind in child support payments – in order to work and help pay back the debt – Detroit comedian Mike Bonner will remain behind bars—for now. The assistant Michigan attorney general asked that...

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Tuesday stand-up video: Kathleen Mcgee

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Comedian Kathleen Mcgee explains away any desire a man may have to get himself some anal sex. Check it...

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Obama ad to run during Daily Show and Colbert Report

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For the first time, a political ad will run during Comedy Central’s The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report. From The New York Times: Tony Fox, a spokesman for Comedy Central, said he did not know why the cable channel had not accepted political advocacy...

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Monday stand-up video: Cy Amundson

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Comedian Cy Amundson is tired of the same old motivational speakers. He’s got skills and he’s not afraid to use them. Check it...

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Boston comedy legend and fest organizer butt heads

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  The Boston Herald reports today that Dick Doherty (pictured on the left) – somewhat of a legend of the city’s comedy scene – has decided to pull out of any previously agreed upon participation in the year’s Boston Comedy Festival. Dick is peeved because fest...

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Australian comedy clubs shutting down

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Sydney is losing some entertainment with the closure of two of its highest-profile comedy clubs.    The Comedy Store in Parramatta closed last week and the future of The Comedy Store in The Entertainment Quarter at Moore Park is also in serious doubt. Both clubs are owned...

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13-year-old stand-up comedian to play Edinburgh festival

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Most kids would be nervous about a school talent show at 13. Not Eros Vlahos. The 13-year-old stand-up comedian is set to be one of the stars of this year’s Edinburgh Comedy Festival. London native Eros will perform his Problem Child show at the Sweet Teviot Place venue...

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Louis CK’s UK tour off to a shitty start

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We covered Louis C.K. “crossing the pond” in part due to his friendship with Ricky Gervais. He has now started his one-month tour of the U.K. From what he wrote on his website, it seems like his Hilarious tour didn’t get off to a great start: So now it started, here in...

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Interview: Seattle comedian Paul Merrill

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When I think of the quintessential Seattle comic, Paul Merrill is one of the first names to come to mind. Not to say that there are audiences out there that aren’t smart, but Seattle boasts some of the brightest comedy fans around and Merrill is speaking their language. A...

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