The Divine Comedian: Jay C. (the only forgotten Son?) addresses his Daddy issues

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By John Delery I Illustration By Matt DeAngelis Shortly before trotting onstage, the Divine Comedian stops rehearsing His set and inspects His pecs in the dressing-room mirror. Look at You. You're a God. Or you would be by now if Dad Almighty would finally retire to North...

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Richard Zoglin: Comedy at the Edge

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As George Carlin, Richard Pryor and Steve Martin were making names for themselves, they were also building a sturdy foundation for stand-up comedy. In a new book, Comedy at the Edge, Time magazine editor Richard Zoglin honors perhaps the most important generation of stand-up...

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Tuesday stand-up video: Ahmed Ahmed

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Jeff Dunham crowned Comedy Central’s King of Comedy

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Despite the great campaigning efforts of 19 other top notch comedians, voters have chosen Jeff Dunham as the Comedy Central Stand-Up Showdown King of Comedy. Now that’s a title to be proud of! Sunday’s marathon event than ran from 11:30am to 10pm was filled with...

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Last Comic Standing, new season is now casting

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Bill Bellamy and the NBC hit comedy reality show, “Last Comic Standing,” will be returning this year and are holding casting auditions now through the end of March. Think you can hang? Here’s the information you’ll need to get you started. Note: that you...

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Friday stand-up video: Patrice O’Neal

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Send us your pics: Nick Swardson edition

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Punchline Magazine reader Janel, from California, sent us this gem of her and comedian Nick Swardson. “It was taken when Nick came to perform at a free show at UC-Riverside, Janel says. “I bugged him for this awesome photo right before he took...

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ComedySpace Thursday: Bill Cosby

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Take a break today and enjoy one of the best pieces of stand-up in history. For more videos, check out Punchline Magazine’s ComedySpace at:...

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Punchline Magazine reader Ryan Gear shows his pics

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Columbus, OH reader Ryan Gear snapped this photo of he and comedian Doug Stanhope after a performance at the High Five club. I’m not sure when it was taken, but it was during Doug’s apparent bald phase. Did he shave the middle of his head? Cause I know the man aint...

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