Punchline Magazine’s Hot Shows: May 23 – May 29

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Jimmy Dore: 5/23 - Comedy Connection - Boston, MA Patrice O’Neal: 5/24 - Improv - Ft. Lauderdale, FL Jake Johanssen: 5/25 - Gotham Comedy Club - New York City, NY Doug Benson: 5/28 - Comedy Works - Denver, CO Dov Davidoff and Jamie Kilstein: 5/28 - Punchline Comedy...

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Stand-up video of the day: Bryan Gutmann

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Austin-based comedian Bryan Gutmann has a hard time believing that people have a hard time believing I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter isn’t butter. Check out his newly-uploaded vid from ComedySpace. Remember, comics: create a profile and start uploading; you can...

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Chris Rock to set comedy record tonight

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Chris Rock is set to break a stand-up comedy record tonight in London by having the largest comedy audience ever in the UK. Rock is set to perform in front of 15,000 fans at the 02 arena. British comic Lee Evans has the current record – 10,108 –...

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Last Comic Standing; 10:58 pm

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And the Tempe Semi-Finalists are: Marcus (yuk); Phil Palisoul (ok); Adam Hunter (nicely done). Until next week, folks. Thanks for...

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Last Comic Standing; 10:42 pm

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Robert Mac is silly but not in a good way. Chantel Rae jokes, “I love being a girl. It’s so much fun. I never have to pay for drinks. But there is a downside. We always have to pay for the pregnancy tests.” Very sassy! Josh McDermitt did a joke about making...

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Last Comic Standing; 10:33 pm

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Rob Little’s set was pretty solid. Though we may be biased as we’re familiar with his work from the old Interwebs. Who is Bellamy’s blonde co-host? Why is she...

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Last Comic Standing; 10:24 pm

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We’re in Tempe, AZ. Kathy Najimy and Fred Willard are the guest judges. This we like. Both know a lot about being funny, though we were a bit surprised by Willard’s positive reaction to the tatted up, former wrestler guy’s impressions. It’s amazing that...

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Last Comic Standing; 10:18 pm

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And the NYC semi finalists are: Louis Ramey (good choice); Stone and Stone (are you serious?); Esther Ku (you go, girl. keep capitalizing on your looks); God’s Pottery (good choice); Dan Naturman...

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Last Comic Standing; 10:11 pm

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Dan Naturman’s set was strong as usual; anyone that knows the New York City comedy scene at all, knows that Naturman doesn’t really have a bad set. He deserves to be passed. We’llwhat happens. Stone and Stone is a twin tag team stand-up comedy act. Their names:...

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