Norm Macdonald: Odd Man Out

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Saturday Night Live alum and stand-up comedy veteran Norm Macdonald is a man unfettered by Hollywood producers and sitcom stooges. He’s a man finally free to corrupt young minds in style. Come and get it, kids! By Dylan P. Gadino Having woken up minutes ago...

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Jimmy Carr and Lucy Greeves: Only Joking: What's so Funny about Making People Laugh?

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Known to American audiences as the sarcastic British host of Comedy Central's game show Distraction, Jimmy Carr -- a man who takes great joy in seeing contestants urinate on command, getting body-slammed by wrestlers and having cinder blocks smashed on their chests -- doesn't...

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James P. Connolly: The Master Plan

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With a smooth delivery emphasized by a voice that's one part game-show announcer and one part movie-phone guy, James P. Connolly's comedy is captivating. On The Master Plan, the stand-up veteran of Comedy Central, HBO, VH1 and every major comedy festival in North America, loads...

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Steve Trevino: That's How Daddy Does It

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It's not offensive that Steve Trevino calls women “fucking bitches" or spends more time than necessary time talking about how insane they are -- by now, even casual stand-up fans are numb to crass put-downs. It's more that there's little art to the way in which Trevino does...

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Norm Macdonald: Ridiculous

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In the past year, there's been a great flux of comedic output: new cable shows, recently launched broadband shows and channels, live-performance CDs and stand-up- comedy-concert DVDs abound. So it's no wonder that without regular appearances on late-night television or on a...

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Eugene Mirman: The Strange Days of…

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Rising from from a hip, close-knit scene in New York City, Russian-born Eugene Mirman is twisting traditional stand-up comedy into something incredibly odd. And no one's safe... not robots, not Star Trek and certainly not Richard Dreyfuss. By Caroline...

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Opie and Anthony: Speading the Virus

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What happens when you inject some rock 'n' roll into stand-up comedy? Read on. Hours – and I do mean many, many hours – before the doors opened Saturday, August 26 at the PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, NJ thousands of people...

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Aries Spears: Sketching up with Aries Spears

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Known for his work on MadTV, the tireless stand-up comic has re-entered the game of sketch comedy. But this time Damon Wayans is involved and the censors are far, far away. By Dylan P. Gadino The sidewalks and streets of midtown Manhattan are getting abused by driving...

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Tourgasm: Interview Part 2

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Dane Cook’s new HBO series is redefining the way we look at stand-up comedy while changing the careers of four comics. Punchline Magazine checks in with the stars of Tourgasm in the conclusion of our two-part interview Interview by Dylan P. Gadino When we...

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