Punchline Magazine’s Hot Shows: May 2 – May 8

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Dov Davidoff: 5/2 - Stress Factory - New Brunswick, NJ Bill Burr: 5/3 - Helium Comedy Club - Philadelphia, PA Andy Andrist: 5/3 - Skyline Comedy Cafe - Appleton, WI Doug Stanhope: 5/3 - Laughs Comedy Spot - Seattle, WA Marc Maron: 5/4 - Improv - Washington DC Robin Williams: 5/6...

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Friday stand-up video: Iliza Schlesinger

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Comedian Iliza Schlesinger can’t be fooled by you’re clever marketing campaigns. Are you listening Pizza Hut and Dentyne? Check it...

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Giveaway: Comedy Central’s Drawn Together

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We’re giving away two copies of Comedy Central’s Drawn Together: Season Three, which hits stores May 13. We’re going to make this simple. The first two peeps who e-mail us at this address will...

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Cease brothers unveil magically hilarious new video

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Are you searching for the perfect party magic trick? In this latest Cease Brothers video, Kyle and Kevin bring us Melgician the Magician and his hilarious magic training video to teach us all the famous “Ace of Spades” card trick. Melgician, a ridiculously goofy new...

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Flight of the Conchords debuts at No. 3

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Flight of the Conchords new full-length album, released by Sub Pop records April 22, debuted at No. 3 on the U.S. pop charts. The comedy duo sold 52,000 copies of the eponymous disc, which pushed them further up the charts than Ashlee Simpson who landed at No. 4, selling 47,000...

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British comedian fondles woman onstage: did he go too far? Um, yeah.

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The UK’s Guardian today has a rather disturbing account of a recent theater show put on by Brithish comic Johnny Vegas. Perhaps unknown here in the States, Vegas is a highly successful and famous performer across the pond. Apparently, the 36-year-old comic (real...

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Thursday Stand-up video: Paul Varghese

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Comedian Paul Varghese isn’t afraid of ghosts, mainly because he can’t afford a house for it to haunt. Check it...

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Houston’s Funniest Person Competition at Laff Stop moves along with third-round prelims

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Houston’s Laff Stop comedy club began its search for the city’s funniest person April 15. The thing that separates this contest from many others comedy comps is that the winner won’t only get some cash for his or her efforts but...

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Wednesday stand-up video: Dave Landau

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Comedian Dave Landau thought it would great to date a kinky chick. But he soon found out it’s sometimes a dangerous proposition. Check it...

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