Last Comic Standing; 10:02 pm

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Adam Sank kicks of the call back show; pretty much what you’d expect from an openly gay comic who can’t seem to joke abou anything other than his sexual identity. God’s Pottery was up next. Though they’re talented and no doubt, funny, we’re not sure...

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Last Comic Standing; 9:52 pm

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I thought it was hilarious that judge Steve Scherippa told Dan Naturman that he assumed his demeanor was a character. It’s not. Naturman’s a funny guy but he’s a dork, no doubt. Carmen Lynch didn’t get passed; Scherippa was making believe he was falling...

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Last Comic Standing; Season Six, episode one… 9:42 pm

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Louis Ramey was solid; but then he always is. He did old stand by bits about having his car stolen in Detroit while he was still in it, and the old going to the tanning salon and then looking at his skin — he’s a black dude — and freaking out because he done...

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Zach Galifianakis interviews the most indie of all indie rockers

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From, Zach Galifianakis interviews the most indie of all indie rockers: Widge Wemnam. Spiler alert! Widge is actually Michael Showalter! Widge is so indie, he doesn’t even show up to his own shows or write music. Anyway, check it...

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Laff Stop’s Funniest Person in Houston Contest: first finalists announced

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It’s getting mighty close to the final showdown of the Laff Stop’s Funniest Person in Houston Contest, which will be held at the club June 3. Below are the most recent comics who impressed at this week’s semi-finals and will...

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Richard Herring handles a heckler

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You may have listened to our new compilation of comedians dealing with the audience, some of them hecklers. In response to a thread started on, the best dang comedy message board on the Interwebs, a member dropped a link to this video of British comedian...

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Last Comic Standing premieres tonight; here’s some videos

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Hey, kids. The new season of Last Comic Standing premieres tonight on NBC at 9:30 pm EST. The nation’s comedy fans are always pretty divided about the show. Blogger types and message board hounds love to hate it and the rest of America seems to love it. The evidence: the...

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Lewis Black’s Root of all Evil gets second season on Comedy Central

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Comedy Central announced today that it has renewed Lewis Black’s Root of All Evil, the faux courtroom reality show that pits comedians acting as attorneys against one another. The news season will premiere July 30 at 10:30 pm EST. In each episode, the comics...

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Wednesday stand-up video: Julian McCullough

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Comedian Julian McCullough is terrified of his Brooklyn neighborhood. But moving would mean giving up the all the fun that goes along with being scared. Check it...

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