Last Comic Standing premieres tonight; here’s some videos

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Hey, kids. The new season of Last Comic Standing premieres tonight on NBC at 9:30 pm EST. The nation’s comedy fans are always pretty divided about the show. Blogger types and message board hounds love to hate it and the rest of America seems to love it. The evidence: the...

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Lewis Black’s Root of all Evil gets second season on Comedy Central

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Comedy Central announced today that it has renewed Lewis Black’s Root of All Evil, the faux courtroom reality show that pits comedians acting as attorneys against one another. The news season will premiere July 30 at 10:30 pm EST. In each episode, the comics...

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Wednesday stand-up video: Julian McCullough

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Comedian Julian McCullough is terrified of his Brooklyn neighborhood. But moving would mean giving up the all the fun that goes along with being scared. Check it...

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Indiana Jones spoof: Russ Meneve

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In two days, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull opens nationwide. But long before the fourth installment of the Indiana Jones series was a blip on coming attractions lists, comedian Russ Meneve filmed this– a take off of one of the most popular scenes from...

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Steve Agee’s Windex commercial

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The Sarah Silvermans Program’s Steve Agee brings us this important message. [grabbed from Comedy Central...

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Stand-up video of the day: Laura Swisher

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Comedian Laura Swisher has a grandmother that just refuses to take care of herself. And now she’s in the hospital. Find out why. Check it...

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Video: comedian Jordan Carlos in ‘Incognero,’ episode one

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You may recognize Jordan Carlos as Stephen Colbert’s black friend. What you may not know is that he’s a talented comedian. And he’s got a new web series called Incognegro, wherein he struggles to find a way to be black, even though he’s already black....

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Premiere online comedy forum – The Comedians of Myspace

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The widely popular Myspace Group, “The Comedians of Myspace,” was started in November of 2004 and today remains the largest most active private group dedicated to comics in all of Myspaceland. “There didn’t seem to be any groups on MySpace that were for...

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LA comedy blog is back… again

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Comedy blog The Coming, once defunct and then funct and then defunct is once again funct…er something. There’s no new main content as of yet but those West Coasters have started updating their show listings. It’s a start. The Coming is...

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