Friday stand-up video: Wyatt Cenac

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Why do Mexicans hate black people? Comedian Wyatt Cenac...

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Comedian Mike Epps accused of assault

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Comedian Mike Epps is reportedly the prime suspect in the beating of a man who tried to serve him with paternity court papers. The paternity suit was originally filed in February after an unnamed woman, last December, gave birth to a child whom she alleges is...

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Comedy site folding

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Original comedy video programming site,, will cease to be and its content will be folded into, has reported. Both sites are run by Turner Broadcasting, which has decided that the sites were too similar. Some SuperDeluxe programming...

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Thursday Stand-up video: Susan Burke

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Comedian Susan Burke tells us about the bright side of cocaine and heroin. Check it...

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Do Stand Up Comedians Have To Be Crazy?

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To be fair, being funny is not a product of psychosis, but rather a product of a person’s perceptive lens. And when it comes to seeing the world differently, people with mental illness can have, well, somewhat of a leg up… David Granirer is a...

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Video: Steven Wright tells jokes

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It’s Wednesday evening. You should be watching some classic Steven Wright...

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Dave Attell to host Comedy Central’s ‘Gong Show’

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It looks like comedian Dave Attell will be back on Comedy Central on a regular basis— this time as host of the network’s version of the Gong Show. The original show, which aired in the 70s, boasted horrible amateur performers doing their best...

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And now for something not related to stand-up comedy… because we can

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ATTENTION: There is no stand-up comedy connection to this post. I’m not one to spend a whole lot of time online watching made-for-Internet short form programming. And the last video game I played in the comfort of my own home was probably Tecmo Super Bowl for...

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Wednesday stand-up video: Jen Kirkman

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Los Angeles-based comedian Jen Kirkman is one of the most underrated comics in the country. So, dear readers, it’s time you know about her. If you’re down with Kirkman already, congrats. If not, check her out below. Enjoy. From Crackle: Female...

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