Pete Correale, Kevin Brennan, Chuck Nice, more at Punchline Magazine show at Comic Strip Live

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If you’re in or around New York City, get thee to the world famous Comic Strip Live this Thursday at 8:30 p.m. Punchline Magazine will be on hand sponsoring a stellar night of comedy and giving some stuff away. Here’s the lineup: Pete Correale Kevin Brennan Dan...

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Denver’s Wrist Deep Productions grows its stand-up comedy reach

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A few weeks ago, we let you guys know about a forward-thinking Denver-based stand-up comedy collective called Wrist Deep Productions. They’ve been producing shows at galleries and dive bars for the last four years, bolstering the city’s stand-up...

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Drew Hastings: Farming for laughs

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What happens when a Midwesterner moves to LA, makes a name for himself as a comic and then moves back to the Midwest far from the bustling West Coast comedy scene? Something that we can't wrap up in one witty word. But we can tell you it's good and stuff. Read on. Not long...

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Monday stand-up video: Chip Pope

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Comedian Chip Pope has a favorite brand of paper towel: Brawny. He’s got an excellent reason. Check it...

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Jimmy Fallon, Joan Rivers, Judd Apatow, many more to appear at Just For Laughs

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Montreal’s Just For Laughs announced their festival lineup today. The 26th edition of the world’s longest-running comedy fest will include performances Jimmy Fallon, Joan Rivers, Craig Ferguson; the likes of Jeremy Piven, Judd Apatow and Seth...

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NYC Underground Comedy fest announces comedian mentorship contest

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The NYC Underground Comedy Festival announced that starting May 29, Ha! comedy club will be hosting a weekly competition in which emerging comics compete for stage time and industry mentorship. Two winners will be chosen, a male and a female, and will be given two spots a week...

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Pine-Sol Lady’s a stand-up comic; what other comics should be product pitchers?

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So it turns out the “Pine-Sol Lady” is a stand-up comedian? Who knew! The friggin’ San Francisco Examiner, that’s who. If, when we say “Pine-Sol Lady” you don’t know who...

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Punchline Magazine’s Hot Shows: May 10 – May 15

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Tig Notaro: 5/10 - Laff Stop - Houston,TX Kevin Brennan: 5/10 - The Laughing Post - Kalamazoo, MI Al Madrigal: 5/11 - Improv - Washington DC Marc Maron, Eugene Mirman, Andy Kindler: 5/12 - Lakeshore Theater - Chicago, Il Tommy Johnagin: 5/14 - Crackers - Indianapolis, IN Greg...

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Friday stand-up video: Wyatt Cenac

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Why do Mexicans hate black people? Comedian Wyatt Cenac...

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