Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn: fond memories

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Greg Giraldo will ultimate fight, rape Zach Galifianakis

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Our friends at Chicago’s Lakeshore Theater posted this video of Greg Giraldo a little more than a month ago. In it, the Lakeshore peeps get the exclusive about Giraldo’s plan to ultimate fight and rape Zach Galifianakis on Showtime....

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Tuesday stand-up video: Ted Alexandro

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Comedian Ted Alexandro is doing a good job of staying in shape. But he’ll never quite get gym culture. Check it...

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Don Rickles (a.k.a. Mr. Potato Head) in Disney’s Toy Story Midway Mania

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Opening this spring in Disney’s Hollywood Studios is a brand new attraction called Toy Story Midway Mania. This 4-D ride takes classic boardwalk style games — ring toss and pie throwing, anyone? — and places them in the world of Pixar’s Toy...

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Ben Bailey: Riding high in the Cash Cab

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Beep, beep! Get out of Ben Bailey's way. He's speeding toward the top, but the red-hot veteran comedian stops long enough to open up to Punchline Magazine Compared to, say, Chris Rock and Dane Cook -- whose celebrity wattage even eclipses the spotlight that illuminates both...

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Monday stand-up video: Joe Rogan

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The government is keeping jet packs and marijuana from us. Just ask comedian Joe Rogan. Check it...

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Punchline Magazine goes behind the bricks

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Punchline Magazine editor in chief Dylan Gadino was the guest on this week’s Behind the Bricks, an all-things-stand-up-comedy podcast hosted by comedian Brian Mollica. Among other things, Brian and Dylan chat a bit about a Variety column that purports stand-up...

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Punchline Magazine’s Hot Shows: May 2 – May 8

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Dov Davidoff: 5/2 - Stress Factory - New Brunswick, NJ Bill Burr: 5/3 - Helium Comedy Club - Philadelphia, PA Andy Andrist: 5/3 - Skyline Comedy Cafe - Appleton, WI Doug Stanhope: 5/3 - Laughs Comedy Spot - Seattle, WA Marc Maron: 5/4 - Improv - Washington DC Robin Williams: 5/6...

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Friday stand-up video: Iliza Schlesinger

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Comedian Iliza Schlesinger can’t be fooled by you’re clever marketing campaigns. Are you listening Pizza Hut and Dentyne? Check it...

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