Jim Henson Company does stand-up for kids

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Just in case you needed more evidence that comedy is still in a boomtown, there’s news that even the Jim Henson Company is trying to capitalize on the popularity of stand-up comedy. The company is currently producing episodes of Sid the Science Kid, an...

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Thursday Stand-up video: Danny Bevins

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No matter much he tries, comedian Danny Bevins just can’t seem to hang onto hope. Check it...

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Dane Cook’s detractors are hacks

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Today, I happened upon Topless Robot’s list of the “12 Smuggest Pricks in Hollywood.” And lo and behold everyone’s favorite target of Internet passive aggressiveness, Dane Cook made an appearance. Sure, we’ll...

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Bridgetown Comedy Festival starts tomorrow, Patton Oswalt, Natasha Leggero, more set to perform

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Starting tomorrow and running through March 8, comedians Patton Oswalt, Morgan Murphy, Natasha Leggero and more than 40 others will perform at the Bridgetown Comedy Festival in Portland, OR. The events will take place on four stages throughout the weekend and will include not...

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Wednesday stand-up video: Kyle Grooms

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Comedian Kyle Grooms proves there’s nothing wrong with fifth grade penis humor. Check it...

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New Mitch Hedberg album set for release this year

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The new Mitch Hedberg album, as of yet untitled, is in the rough-cut phase, according to comedian Lynn Shawcroft, Hedberg’s widow who’s overseeing the project. “The audio for the album was taken from a weekend of shows three...

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Comedian Pauly Shore teams up with Ripe Digital

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Video entertainment company Ripe Digital recently announced that it will premiere new programming featuring stand-up comedian Pauly Shore. Shore will present his “Paulysodes” in short form for the multi-platform company later this year. Ripe...

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Smarty-pants comedian wants to learn you some funny, doesn’t compare himself to Tiger Woods

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New York City based comedian Shaun Eli has recently reserved some space on his website to teach you, dear readers, how to tell a joke. We know what you’re thinking: Why should I trust this guy? Well, for one he’s got a big, scary degree from...

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Tuesday stand-up video: Joe Matarese

By | March 4, 2008 at 4:30 am | No comments

Either comedian Joe Matarese has anger issues or he’s just a normal New Yorker. Regardless, he doesn’t do well in Oregon. Check it...

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