Bill Burr: Ready for his closeup, BIATCH!

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After 13 years on the road, the comedian finally hits the big time. By Tasha A. Harris Ever since he debuted on Chappelle's Show last year, Bill Burr has made a few thousand new fans -- and not by being the token white guy on the show but by consistently offering stellar...

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Daniel Tosh: Life in the Tosh Pit

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Beach bum Daniel Tosh drops his first album after 11 years of stand-up. Now will his parents drop him? By Dylan P. Gadino The way he tells it, Daniel Tosh had no future in the real world. He wasn't that bright and showed little motivation. We think he's just being overly...

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Judah Friedlander: The World Champion Speaks

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This scraggly comic knows a thing or two about acting. He’s got all sorts of awards and nominations to prove it. Seriously. By Tasha A. Harris It’s a bitterly cold Sunday night. The Laugh Factory in Times Square is packed to near capacity. And...

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Kevin Brennan: Not Looking For Friends

By | November 7, 2005 at 7:26 am | One comment

Astronaut, he's not. Comedian, he is. Chicago born, Philly bred, this comic, one of ten kids, doesn't hold back. From squabbles to sitcoms to live audiences, Kevin Brennan's‚ got something to say; we hear him loud and clear. By Jennifer L.M. Gunn After last year's HBO...

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Demetri Martin: Alternative (comedy) Energy Source

By | November 7, 2005 at 5:51 am | 5 comments

With his role on The Daily Show, his upcoming Comedy Central album, and a one-man stage act set to premiere, this Yale alumnus is poised to become the breakout comedy star of '06 By John Delery No thunderous explosion rattles the East Village of New York City at exactly...

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Earthquake: About Got Damm Time

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If well-paced and finely crafted jokes are what you look for in a stand-up comedian, then Earthquake is not for you. But if you're into the bottom line, then Earthquake will do just fine. In About Got Damm Time , the former Nathaniel Stroman, armed with an unstoppable energy,...

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Tom Papa: Calm, Cool & Collected

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Veteran performer Tom Papa, known nationally from his many appearances on late-night talk shows and as the frequent opening act for Jerry Seinfeld, has finally put his best bits on tape. Though his debut disc, Calm, Cool & Collected will seem a bit short -- 35 minutes -- for...

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Brian Regan: I Walked on the Moon

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The only thing missing from Brian Regan's legendary 1997 live CD is visuals. Now with the release of his debut DVD, I Walked on the Moon , his flexing brows, rapidly shifting eyes and cool-meets-dork swagger are documented in his performance at The Improv in Irvine,...

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Stephen Lynch: The Craig Machine

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Since Adam Sandler put his goofy songs on tape for his 1993 debut album, it seemed the doors would open wide for singing comedians. And perhaps they did -- though not wide enough for most people to actually notice. But hardcore standup fans started to pay attention seven years...

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