Patton Oswalt will guest star on Futurama

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As we get closer to the premiere of an all-new season of Futurama, the folks at Comedy Central have been teasing us with a daily look inside what’s to come. Today, our friends at Comedy Central Insider revealed that Patton Oswalt will guest star on an upcoming episode; and they also posted an image of his character, hilariously named Unattractive Giant Monster.

Patton Oswalt on Futurama

Futurama premieres June 23 at 10 pm EST with a one-hour episode.

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  • Urethra Franklin

    Love that they include a “fry scale” for context

  • KajusX

    I can’t wait for Patton’s episode, and this character looks great!

    It might be worth noting that the character’s description reads “UNATTRACTIVE GIANT MONSTER.” Judging by the other character sheets, the “DESCRIPTION” box really is just a description of what the drawing is of. He may not even have a name. We’ll have to wait and see!

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