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reggie2Have you always wondered what your favorite comics would have to say about how you lay it down in the bedroom? Do you want to know more about what tricks they have up their sleeves, and whether they used humor to get their partners in the zone? You’re in luck; it’s Sex Week on, your source for all things doin’ it-related.

All this week, the column, “Sex Advice From…” will feature tips from the likes of Reggie Watts, Kristen Schaal, Judah Friedlander, Danny McBride and other comedians who love to get nasty. The first post of Comedy Week, for which Nerve is partnering with IFC, featured Watts, and covers everything from sexy geography to the onstage kinkiness of Conan O’Brien. Here’s a taste:

My girlfriend thinks that porn is cheating. I told her I quit, but I didn’t. I hate having to lie. How can I tell her to stop taking porn so seriously?
That’s a hard problem. If it’s possible, try explaining what it is about masturbating to porn that you like so much. You know, if there’s a specific type of porn. Or if you have your favorite producers. Or directors. Or series. Or actors, which is most likely. Because in essence, it is a part of who you are. If it’s something that makes you happy when you’re by yourself, then you should definitely figure out at way to make that work. But I’ve never had to explain to a girl why I like porn, or even found myself in a situation where a girlfriend discovers I’m watching porn. I’ve just always been pretty good at being discreet about it.

You you can read the entire sex chat here.

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