Sketch group takes on March Madness with "It Gets Better" video

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Sketch group The Guys From The Internet have taken on the fact that NCAA’s March Madness is apparently not turning into the excitement factory it usually is. Using the “It Gets Better” vehicle — the famous viral campaign to encourage young gays and lesbians to not give up — the “guys” are hear to advise: keep watching the tournament. It will get better.

Check out the sketch below and let us know what you think. Funny or not? Was it cool to use the “It Gets Better” theme for a sports joke? Let us know.

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  • Jamesisanerd

    They are not the first to use the “It’s Gets Better” platform for parody so if you want to question their comedic intentions you must do so for all those other parody videos as well. I didn’t find anything offensive or uncalled for in the video. I thought it was a clever use of parody. I actually think your questioning of it could be construed as offensive. You ask if it was cool to us the “It Gets Better” format for a sports joke. Someone could interpret that as insinuating that gays and lesbians are not big sports fans and wouldn’t appreciate or understand the parody.

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