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John McCain on Amy Poehler: She’s such a talented actress (Video)

John McCain on Amy Poehler: She’s such a talented actress (Video)

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You probably know by now that our favorite group of Pawnee municipal employees take a trip to Washington D.C. on the new season of Parks and Recreation. Our main woman Leslie Knope is now officially a politician, after all-- having defeated the swarmy, in-it-because-he’s bored...

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Jimmy Dore: Waging war on stupidity

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In this time of national turmoil, political fear and uncertainty – laughing yet? –emerges a voice of reason, of strength and of hope. Not Obama, you silly geese. Even better: Citizen Jimmy – comedian Jimmy Dore – premieres his one-hour Comedy Central special this week....

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Dana Carvey: Squatting Monkeys Tell No Lies

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For comedians who have impressed the masses on television and in movies, it's easy for them to slip quietly away from their roots in stand-up comedy. For many, it turns out that the sweating and the toiling on smoky stages was just a means to an end. And for Dana Carvey the end...

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