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Adam Sandler: The Fantastic Mystery of Shaq’s Penis (Animation)

Adam Sandler: The Fantastic Mystery of Shaq’s Penis (Animation)

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Last year Adam Sandler visited Conan O'Brien to promote his movie Blended, in which former NBA star and current entertainer Shaquille O'Neal had a part. The conversation between Sandler and Conan turned to a day when Sandler was determined to see Shaquille's O'Neal's penis......

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Shaquille O’Neal launches comedy tour and reality series, Tommy Davidson, Aries Spears to perform

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[caption id="attachment_20483" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Tommy Davidson"][/caption] If you’re not following the newly-retired-from-basketball Shaquille O'Neal on Twitter, you’re doing it wrong. So, so wrong. Before you continue, click here, click follow, and...

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