Video: Rob Riggle, Axe, Comedy Central team up for “Dirtcathlon” web series

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Watching coeds getting dirty online — the national pastime since the invention of the porn-storage network we euphemistically call the Internet.

Now in the greatest collaboration since the tag team of dirt and cheap, AXE Shower and Comedy Central Digital (which oversees are hookng up to present the AXE Dirtcathlon, a four-part Web series that will pit teams of men and women in loony challenges meant to get them as filthy as possible in 90 seconds.

Beginning today, comedian Rob Riggle, the Jim McKay of these grimy Olympics, will host the Dirtcathlon on,, and Riggle and comedian Owen Benjamin will call the down-and-dirty action.

Tune in! Just think: You won’t feel mortified if your mom surprises you while you’re gazing at coeds on the computer —well, this time.

Check out the first episode below!

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