Videos: Comedian steals jokes from comedians Lee Mack, Geoff Keith on national TV

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Just a few days ago, we posted a story about how a group of local Los Angeles comedians outed a notorious joke thief in front of a live audience. The post has been drawing some spirited opinions and debate. And now we’re hearing that a contestant on Australia’s Got Talent ripped off two comedians by performing their jokes — almost word for word — on national television.

Twenty-two year-old contestant Jordan Paris, who claims he’s been doing stand-up comedy for three years, performed on the competition reality show Tuesday night. You can watch his act below. Take note of his bits about musician Robbie Williams and his “three requirements.”

The next video shows British comedian Lee Mack performing in 2007 on national television. Start paying attention at the one-minute mark. The fact that Paris stole the Robbie Williams material is pretty obvious.

The other main part of Paris’ act — about the three requirements he has for dating women — was clearly stolen from Los Angeles-based comedian Geoff Keith. You can watch Keith’s original version from his appearance on Live At Gotham. Start really listening at the two-minute mark.
Geoff Keith – Wedding Hook-Up

Paris told the Brisbane Times the following: “Comedy’s a funny thing. Obviously there are a lot of people doing a lot of things, but a joke’s a joke. If it’s making people laugh then I’m happy.” The report continues: When asked if it was perhaps a tribute to Lee Mack, Mr Paris continued to deny it but ended the conversation “I might do another Lee Mack tribute so stay tuned.”

If you have any comments — and I’m sure you do — leave them in the comments section.

UPDATE: 12:56 am EST

I just chatted with Geoff Keith to get his reaction about having his bit stolen on national television. “I don’t wish harm on anyone, but if [Jordan Paris] got hit by a bus, I wouldn’t care,” Geoff Keith tells Punchline Magazine, half joking.

Really, Keith was pretty calm about the whole thing. “I don’t have any sympathy for people who steal. And the sad thing is, is that most people not in the comedy world don’t even care that much when jokes are stolen. But I’m not mad about it. It’s annoying. But I’m not going to fly to Australia to confront this guy or anything.”

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  • Dylan P. Gadino

    i think this is an example of parallel thinking. i don’t think he stole this from Mitch.

    There is, however, a bit on DH’s album that sounds a lot like George Carlin’s “The planet is fine” bit. When I listened to it, I almost thought DH was going to say, “GC has talked about this, and here’s my take….”

    i don’t think there’s anything wrong with doing that if you can quickly refer to origin of the thought. i’d like to believe that DH didn’t steal from GC, that it was more parallel thinking. it just seems odd that a working headlining comedian of this generation wouldn’t know that bit from GH. and therefore would avoid doing a very similar bit or if they did, at least citing the original in some creative way.

  • David

    I have another possible joke stealer that I think should be looked into: David Huntsberger. I just read the review of his new album “Humanitis,” and I listened to the clip. At the end, he talks about drawing the line of loving everyone at purple people. Mitch Hedberg already did the same joke. They’re a little different, but I think it could be argued as joke stealing.

    David Huntsberger (the last minute of the clip):

    Mitch Hedberg:

  • Samantha

    I’m an Aussie comedy writer who’s pissed off! I love writing & comedy – and to clarify my writing might be crap but it’s MY crap.

    This douche has YET to be kicked off the show. But the very good reason for that is – RATINGS! This whole saga came to light the day after he got thru to the semi-finals. The show is only on 2 days a week & the next ep is on tomorrow night. So all has been silent as to what’s going to happen to him to get more people to watch. But my suspicious senses tell me he’ll be booted.

    Media & Twitter have been putting the boot into him… he’s just a “fame whore” (to quote a Twitter follower who told me he’s been doing the comedy circuit in Brisbane & Sydney – and that he was told by other comics NOT to use other comics jokes but Jordan ignored them).

    Bad news is he’s been doing this since 2007. Good news is since going on national TV he’s pretty much killed his plans to “launch to planet Stardom” (quote from Jordan’s website).

    You can check out Jordan’s crap website… I have to warn you, you may require medical attention after visiting his site:

    Anyways, I’m glad this story has made it’s way around the world… God forbid he’d try this kinda stuff in the States or in Britain. So keep spreading the news my brothers & sisters of original comedy…

  • Andy Kozel

    I heard they didn’t even kick him off the show either. I don’t think the entertainment business even cares. It’s bullshit.

  • Adam Holwerda

    Hey guys, all you have to do to get on TV is memorize some comic’s routine, say you’ve been doing it for three years, and look like a tool.

    “I might do another Lee Mack tribute so stay tuned.” = “I know exactly where all my material comes from, and it’s not me.”

  • movonup

    Seems to be “Yakin” like heavy meth or coke intake. Punk ass plagiaristic coke fiend.

    Cudos to P-mag for bringing us the story. I consider myself funny, but the level it takes a hard working comedian…I’m not even in their league, and obviously neither is this hack. He should’ve respected the art. Hey he gave it a shot, and why not. Carlos Mencia has made a career out of plagiarism.

  • Flip Schultz

    Ladies & gentlemen, the Jason Garrett of Austrailia.

  • Cody

    Thanks for posting the comparisons so I could see for myself. This whole saga is unbelievable.

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