Watch a new “Death Valley” preview with lots of blood (and laughs!)

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I’m not a fan of contemporary zombie or vampire movies, television shows, breakfast cereals, whatever. To be fair, I haven’t really given them a fair chance. Although, the other day I accidentally watched 10 minutes of True Blood. The part I saw centered around two naked guys running around the woods at night, breathing heavy and talking all intense about I-don’t-know-what. The point is this. If people make fun of those type of movies and television shows, I usually appreciate it.

And that’s totally going to happen on MTV real soon-like. On Aug. 29 at 10:30 pm EST on the network that used to play music videos, a show called Death Valley will premiere. It’s about a group of law enforcement officers in Los Angeles who’s job it is to police the growing problem of zombies, werewolves and other ghouls. It stars comedian Bryan Callen and other people I’ve never heard of. I have to say, it looks like a blast– it’s like Reno 911! but with more splattering blood and monster make up. Check out a preview below!

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