Watch Gilbert Gottfried voice the 50 Shades of Grey audiobook

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Ladies (and gentlemen)… it has come to our attention that you can now hear the audiobook version of steamy, sexy — [ed. note: not to mention horribly written and poorly copy-edited] S&M novel, 50 Shades of Grey read by luscious comedian and voice actor, Gilbert Gottfried. Oh yeah. It’s on. Whoever told you deep, low, breathy tones are sexy has never heard Gottfried shriek “CLITORIS” with a cadence that mimics the rising and falling action of the female orgasm. And you will definitely have a female orgasm when you hear Gottfried’s reading. Definitely.

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  • hamstap85

    This has got to be the most condensed form of passion of any audiobook reading

  • Emma Duncan

    better then actually readin the damn thing.

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  • DeAnna

    LMFAO Gotta love Gilbert!!!

  • milhaus

    does this audiobook actually exist? where can i buy it?

  • Slightly Twysted

    He makes a book that reads like a Penthouse Forum letter gone mad, even worse.. I love this.

  • AuntieJac

    You know… this is way better than the girl who narrates the book on audio presently, at least he’s animated!! lol

  • delightfulcrab

     hahahaha this is so amazing.

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  • Shitface


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