Watch Louis C.K. on ‘Today’ where he defends his Sarah Palin jokes and more

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In a profile of Louis CK on Today this morning, Jamie Gangel spoke with the comedian about the “view from the top” – the two discuss Louis’ name being amongst Time Magazine’s Top 100 Most Influential People list, and Gangel questions Louis about going for the “cheap joke.”

“Anyone who thinks those are easy laughs,” says CK, “go ahead and try to get those laughs. They’re not easy. There’s no such thing as a cheap laugh. They all cost something.”

Louis also teases the idea of doing a “clean” special and defends his anti-Sarah Palin tweets that had a lot of people pretty upset in 2010.

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  • Asilva

    Amen! I am a mother, and I LOVE Louis! He’s brilliant, and he’s for adults with a sense of humor.  His comedy is NOT for your kids, lady, go blow yourself.

  • Jdycus

    Fuck your kids, lady.

  • Evanbrow

    What a cunt

  • Spencer Dobson

    Will the Mother’s who like Louise CK the way he is, please tell this women to shut up. 

    • SomeonesMom

      I have three kids. I agree with Spencer. Shut up. Dirty is funny. Moms laugh at dirty stuff, too. 

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