Watch the premiere of Norm Macdonald’s new talk show (Video)

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For those of you still upset that Comedy Central pulled the plug far too early on Sports Show with Norm Macdonald, let us submit this piece of good news: The Saturday Night Live alum — and dare we say, best, Weekend Update anchor — has a new talk show that airs live on YouTube via the Video Podcast Network every Monday night at 9 pm ET. It launched last night with guest Super Dave Osborne, aka Bob Einstein. And for your convenience, dear Laughspinners, we’ve embedded the full first episode of Norm Macdonald Live below. Enjoy!

The day after each episode airs live, you’ll be able to watch Norm Macdonald Live on YouTube and on iTunes.

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  • Jorge Garrido

    Get rid of the dead weight third mic “sidekick”, a podcast doesn’t need him. He adds nothing, he acts like a hole.

    “Oh, but Norm meanders so he needs an anchor to steer him and to balance it out.” Fuck yourself. I like how this bland open-micer tells bad jokes and then immediately powers past them to make it seem like he was making a serious point.

    Why does a podcast need long breaks like that? Why does it need segments like this? This is too underproduced for a talk-show and too over produced for a podcast.

    Make it more like Dick Cavett or something.

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