Watch Thomas Lennon host “The Vote Off,” the only reality show you’ll ever need

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Do you need more convincing that reality TV competition shows are unnecessary and inane? Perhaps you don’t, but you don’t speak for the millions of people who still watch that garbage and have made it so that 1) Dancing With The Stars continues 2) CNN’s Nancy Grace can be on it, and 3) The CW thinks an Extreme Musical Chairs is a viable television program.

Luckily, Funny or Die takes another stab at the reality TV competition giants with their latest exclusive, The Vote Off. Grabbing tourists wandering Hollywood, host of the pilot/finale episode, Thomas Lennon, takes less than an hour to literally have strangers vote each other off in one of the Funny or Die conference rooms. Complete with cheesy, overwhelming music, non-sensical challenges and immunities, and an out-of-nowhere appearance by Arsenio Hall, The Vote Off will hopefully be the only and last reality competition you ever watch.

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