Will Ferrell’s Anchorman 2 ‘No Joke Cut’ trailer arrives (Video)

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Christina Applegate in Anchorman 2Will Ferrell and Adam McKay’s Anchorman 2 has released another trailer for another special edition theatrical release! The trailer features Ferrell’s Ron Burgundy as you’ve never seen him before — without jokes — alongside Christina Applegate as Veronica Corningstone. The “No Joke” cut of Anchorman 2 will remove all of the edgy humor that has made Burgundy a quotable cult icon and will transform him into a compelling dramatic character to be remembered for the ages.

Or this is most likely a self-aware April Fool’s Day prank from Ferrell’s camp. The Judd Apatow-produced sequel received some flack for re-releasing the sequel in February with an R-rated edition that was advertised as having “over 700 new jokes!” If you removed all of the humor from Anchorman 2, you’d probably be left with a 10-minute short film about a womanizing alcoholic who neglects his young son and can’t progress with the changing cultural climate that pits his ex-wife as the competition at work. The massive cameo-filled battle royale would probably remain as the film’s climax. What’s not an April Fool’s joke is that the Anchorman 2 Blu-ray/DVD will feature the regular PG-13 theatrical release cut, the extended R-rated version and the unrated uncut third version of the movie, making it a trilogy-within-a-sequel saga that is already sold out on Amazon.com on its first day on sale. See below the trailer for the “No Joke” Anchorman 2 cut of the film!

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