Woman is first to earn stand-up comedy degree

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Hannah GeorgeHannah George has become the first woman to graduate with a degree in stand-up comedy.

George studied at Southampton Solent University in the South of England, the only university in the world to offer a degree in stand-up. The three-year-old program covers the history of comedy, scriptwriting, and ethics within comedy.

“The course teaches that comedy isn’t just about sitting around telling jokes. There’s a whole history of performance that dates back to the Greeks and the Romans,” course leader Dr. Chris Ritchie, a former stand-up, told the Daily Mail. “[Comedy] involves psychology, anthropology, social and political attitudes.”

“The things we have been taught really have been valuable,” the newly graduated George said. “Comedy is an art form so studying it makes sense.”

George is currently working on a solo stand-up show for the Edinburgh festival. Her hope is to write comedy for television in the future.

After the jump, check out the full course work for the three-year degree in comedy.

 Year 1
    * Stand-up Comedy
    * Writing Comedy
    * Key Moments in Comedy History
    * History of Performance.

Year 2
    * Radio Comedy
    * Writing Comedy
    * Modernity and Performance
    * Analysis of Comedy.

Year 3
    * The TV Sitcom: Writing and Performance
    * Dissertation
    * Industry Research
    * Stand-up Comedy
    * Producing Comedy

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Daniel Perlman

  • http://www.jackrawlins.com Jack Rawlins

    Sounds like a sound program. I’m sure, though, some will be quick to debunk it before they’ve even been debriefed by those who completed the mission.

    Congratulations to Hannah. May she soon fill the halls with laughter.


  • http://myspace.com/officialslowjoe Joseph Simmons (Slow Joe)

    Sign me up. I don’t think I need it, but hell, anything other than a day job.

  • Shaun

    What a load of bollocks!

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