Woman Wakes From Surgery Thinking Her Hands Are Pac-Man And Ghost! Video Shows Jenn Packham’s Breakdown When She Believes ‘Pac-Man’ Will Be Killed By The Monsters

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A woman named Jenn Packham woke up from surgery thinking that her hands were Pac-Man characters. So naturally, she began playing the game with her hands, and now the hilarious video is going viral.

The clip apparently took place after Packham’s leg surgery this month. She started out thinking her left hand was Pac-Man, so she moved him through an imaginary maze – complete with sound effects. But things got emotional when she realized a ghost (aka her right hand) was about to devour Pac-Man.Pac Man Surgery Hands Crying

“Oh no, that’s a bad idea, I don’t know where to go,” Packham said while thinking her hands were Pac-Man characters.

She then started breaking down, fearing ‘Pac-Man’ will be killed by the ‘ghost.’ But another person in the room turned her left hand away from her right one, ensuring ‘Pac-Man’ could survive.

A person claiming to be Jenn Packham’s friend wrote on Reddit that it was Packham’s mother who saved ‘Pac-Man’ from the ‘ghost.’ The pal also said that the video was taken just as Packham was waking up from anesthesia.

According to Packham’s Facebook page, the woman who thought her hands were Pac-Man characters is a Utah native studying to be a dental assistant. And she is apparently doing well post-surgery, though she is a bit surprised at her newfound Internet fame. As her FB friends noted that the video was going viral on Reddit and YouTube, she posted a screenshot of the famous Bob’s Burgers quote, “My heart just pooped its pants.”

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