Would you go to a comedy show billed as 'clean?'

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Starting tonight, the Comedy Caravan in Louisville, KY is hosting a series of shows through Sunday billed as “Clean Comedy for Dirty Minds.” From a business standpoint, it initially seems like a good idea. Don’t alienate those who don’t embrace liberal use of the F-Bomb, right? Sure. But does a comedy club run the risk of turning off a large portion of their crowd who might be looking for a no holds barred night of fun?

Check out Big John Richardson in this local news spot below, promoting said shows in which he’s performing. What do you think? Would you go to a show like this or is it a huge turn off? Let us know in the comments section.

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  • Kristi Harrison

    I think this will interest many. I would go if I was in the area. Variety is very good in comedy. I wish the best for this show.

  • micheal

    Funny is funny no matter if its clean or not. I have driven 9hrs to see a Brian Reagan show. The quality of the comedy is all that counts. Maybe i see things different because its a 2+ hour drive to the nearest comedy club.

  • http://maxbarth.tumblr.com Max Barth

    Generally, I wouldn’t really be drawn to something billed as “clean comedy”. If it was a comedian I liked I’d certainly go, but otherwise eh. There’s nothing wrong with curse/sex/drugs/etc free stand up but I think those types of acts usually have to compensate by doing boring hack bullshit.

  • Emily

    The title certainly wouldn’t draw me in, but if it is given good reviews, or is at least smart comedy, it may be worth seeing… Who knows, maybe it would be refreshing to see a clean show? (at least as opposed to a bunch of over done jokes that are only funny because they’re delivered with a swear for every other word)

  • Tony

    I live in Louisville, I am a comedy nerd and I have never been to the Comedy Caravan. This just makes me want to go less. It has less to do with the material being clean and more to do with whether I think the quality of the entertainment is worth my money.

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